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arealmcemcee t1_iui7rwt wrote

This gives me hope for the US to do the same but I'll be shocked if Bolsonaro doesn't pull the same "it was stolen" playbook that Trump did. He'll probably blame Biden too.


Hanners87 t1_iui9vdu wrote

Oh he will....this is going to get really ugly.


LeaoD t1_iujk0lf wrote

So sad to see people who never set foot in this country and that probably think we speak spanish congratulate the most corrupt and moral-less politician here. Only the people who lived through his years of recession and saw the state in which public health was can understand. But i mean, reddit is always right, isn't it? Left = good guys Right = bad guys


tzimzai t1_iujmf5g wrote

Over half your country seem to disagree.


LeaoD t1_iujnbhv wrote

And that's alright, it's a democracy, people can and should disagree.