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KanyesDemons t1_iugpmzc wrote

Time for these conspiracy nuts to be put in psychiatric facilities and medicated


KamahlYrgybly t1_iugvu87 wrote

This! I am a medical doctor, and the behaviour described in this article brings into question these people's sanity. It sounds like a delusion, which could possibly be a symptom of psychosis or delusion disorder. They need a psych workup. And if they truly believe hugely documented terror incidents with mass casualties, hundreds / thousands of eyewitnesses and extensive media coverage to be hoaxes, they should be committed for treatment involuntarily, as their current behaviour is harmful to others.


255001434 t1_iui7emk wrote

It worries me how online forums are giving support to the delusions of genuinely unwell people. They can connect with people from all over who will tell them they are right. Everyone can find their tribe, no matter how crazy. This is happening not only about political issues, but personal obsessions too.

There is a person who lives in my neighborhood who is clearly paranoid and thinks all her neighbors are conspiring against her to drive her crazy. She posts flyers about something called She can go online to convince herself that it's not just her, it's a real thing that happens to other people too. She harasses all her neighbors with baseless accusations.

This is not only bad for the people suffering from the delusions, but also to society and their potential victims if they are inclined to harassment or violence.


UberHyperKing t1_iuh5yjl wrote

I mean the guy in the article is deplorable for how he is acting. However he could very well be fabricating this for money and leading more impressionable people astray.

Given he is in the UK, the MHA would not cover sectioning this guy at present from what is written in the article. I assume you work elsewhere from the UK.


HorsesMeow t1_iuhy9rm wrote

Agreed. This is an Alex Jones effect. - Delusional grasp at false "special knowledge" in order to seek attention, and it could be a precursor to violence if they dont get attention and accolades that they desire.
The right to Freedom of speech does not include false narratives.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iui6kc7 wrote

It's good then that the UK (like all developed nations^1) has a national healthcare system that covers mental illness treatments.

^1 Offer not good only in the United States of America, the richest nation in the history of the human race.


protonfreetome t1_iuibr5y wrote

Thats weird...i live in the USA and my healthcare covers mental illness.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iuicugc wrote

Is it part of your insurance plan, which you pay premiums for AND have your salary reduced by the company's matching premium amount? Are there caps on your care by days, by dollar amount, per year, per lifetime of the policy, etc.? Aka American Profitcare?

Or are you on the ACA (aka Obamacare) which still has huge gaps in its coverage? And still doesn't cover everyone, of course.

Because I'm talking about civilized nations that have this coverage for every citizen as a right of citizenship. What our own Constitution refers to as "Life" in the "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness"...


malazanbettas t1_iuibzho wrote

And only a plus one year waiting list.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iuidacg wrote

Help me with the math on this. Is one year better than waiting an entire lifetime like Americans do?

Because I think even one year (thank your conservatives for that, btw) is better than forever...


malazanbettas t1_iuiednq wrote

I’m in the U.K. (so I’ll thank your conservatives) and I waited one year then I waited one more. When I finally saw someone (who I think got their therapy certificate on Wowcher) I was told I didn’t have enough mental illness to get therapy. I still ended up going private and paying 480£ for a (real) psychiatrist and follow ups are 360£. And I do need therapy, or so the 30 years of doctors who treated me (in the states) say. And the crippling agoraphobia that keeps me inside that both PIP and UC agree is pretty gosh darn bad. So yeah a year and you better be coming at them with schizophrenia or you can go home. Forever.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iuil5zy wrote

That sucks, mate!

Now, imagine you are in the USA. Where even if you have schizophrenia, you won't get any help until you kill someone. And then you won't get any help, you'll just be imprisoned.

Have you seen all those stories about homeless hordes in the USA? Those are primarily all of our people who aren't mentally ill enough to kill someone and don't get any help from our system at all.

For the record, I think all of them and YOU should be getting the help you need.