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sigmatrophic t1_iud7ucw wrote

Now do our real estate


erikwarm t1_iudv00v wrote

And critical infra like power, gas and internet


Lolwut100494 t1_iudy3ft wrote

So the Big 3 ISP can continue to collude and gouge consumers?


GoodAndHardWorking t1_iue9x67 wrote

We badly need municipal broadband. Too bad the mayor of the largest municipality is on payroll from the largest ISP, while mayor.


Constant-Ad-1797 t1_iue1kvw wrote

Credit and manufacturing as well…… so many things skimming money from the population and creating insecurities.


anon675454 t1_iue5ohz wrote

this restriction benefits corporations and not regular citizens so your request is denied


DigitalArbitrage t1_iuf66z5 wrote

I thought they already did this in some parts of Canada. I remember reading something about Vancouver, BC passing a real estate ownership law not too long ago.


ProfessionalDoubt627 t1_iugo2sy wrote

I think that was a vacancy tax do no one can speculate on real estate without at least having someone actually live there


DigitalArbitrage t1_iuhoh1h wrote

What would the alternative form of that be though? It seems like the best way they could have implemented it.