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yetzt t1_iu3onab wrote

this headline does not work for anyone who doesn't know the backstory.


Bob_Juan_Santos t1_iu4f65o wrote

if you're Canadian, then you'd know. Every school kid was taught this.


btmvideos37 t1_iu4hsvo wrote

Only if you’re 30 and younger. My dad is pretty young, 44. I’m 20. He was never taught this in school. He was taught that they existed but he wasn’t taught that they were still around while he was in school or how bad they were. The history he was taught made it seem like it was far in the past. my dad was nearly finished high school when the last school closed


svanegmond t1_iu4khrw wrote

Can confirm. I am 50 and knew nothing about this until the first government inquiry into it. The education I got about indigenous peoples was pathetic.


btmvideos37 t1_iu4medg wrote

Even as a 20 year old, the things kids now learn at the age of 8 I didn’t learn until 14-15. Before 8th grade I was taught that the colonizers peacefully came over here and built log cabins and traded with the natives. I assumed as a kid that have the country was Indigenous. In grade 7-8 we learned more of residential schools and how the colonizers weren’t great people. But it wasn’t until grade 10 that we truly learned about the atrocities.

My sister who’s 6 will go through school learning way more than I ever did


TrainingObligation t1_iu4td2r wrote

I'm mid-40s. I don't remember being taught it in school, but did watch a dramatization on CBC as a teen in the 90s, which ended with text saying the last residential school was only closed a few years before (even that may have been wrong, IIRC the text said the last one closed in the late 80s, but the year we're now given is in the 90s).

That said, awareness does not equal comprehension, and it's only in the last decade that I began to comprehend the true generational trauma and heartbreak that indigenous peoples suffered.


lemonylol t1_iu4g743 wrote

Canadian news outlet targeted at Canadians. Canadians are taught about residential schools as early as elementary school. It's a big deal here.