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duckyeightyone t1_iujdfxk wrote

Is tipping a thing in Ireland? if it's not, don't go down that path. it can pull the brakes on employers increasing employee pay in the future. if you want to show your appreciation these days, you're better off leaving reviews online or emailing directly.


openetguy OP t1_iujfecd wrote

Not expected but some do, especially tourists or in cities or + groups often have to pay a service charge, and it was inconsistent who got that service charge!


Venerable_Rival t1_iujn2w1 wrote

Service charges have been cropping up here in the UK as well over the years. Typically they can be waived (written in tiny small print), but of course most restaurants default is to include it in the final bill.

And don't get me started on the fucking card reader gratuity option. Way to ruin a nice meal by making the customer look like a dick.


HisAnger t1_iuk2lln wrote

Well how about paying staff a decent wage instead of counting on tips


subjecttomyopinion t1_iujqixy wrote

When I was in Dublin I asked and the barkeep said "if someone went way above and beyond to make your service great, yes. Otherwise no."

As an American I was shocked but overall they seem to treat their people better there than we do in the US


therapyfunk t1_iuk27ls wrote

Bars and restaurants over here actually pay there employees, all be it it’s not a huge amount but tips do supplement the pay as your normally working shitty hours, I think tips should not be compulsory


patangpatang t1_iujpd9n wrote

It's not, but Ireland has more than it's fair share of tourists from countries that do tip, so it ends up happening anyway. Particularly in touristy areas.


pinniped1 t1_iujj019 wrote

Don't do this, Ireland.

Quash grease culture before it gets out of hand and make restaurant owners pay full market value for their labor.


autotldr t1_iujbktd wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)

> The Government has announced that a new law designed to protect tips received by workers will come into effect on 1 December.

> Any charge called a "Service charge" or anything that would lead a customer to believe it is a charge for service will have to be distributed to staff as if it were a tip or gratuity received by electronic means.

> The main sectors to which the measures will apply are tourism, hospitality, hairdressing, taxi, and delivery services, but there may be additions to the list in the future if new areas where tipping is prevalent emerge in the economy.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: tip^#1 charge^#2 worked^#3 new^#4 gratuity^#5


AlanZero t1_iujw8j4 wrote

Bam-ba-ba-baba-bam-ba 🎶

I hear the drums echoing tonight