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RedofPaw t1_iu8axp3 wrote

All part of the same pattern. If they had a chance they would be invading there right now.


NewCrashingRobot t1_iu8je6a wrote

They already occupy parts of Moldova:


WikiSummarizerBot t1_iu8jfep wrote


>Transnistria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), is an unrecognised breakaway state that is internationally recognised as a part of Moldova under military occupation by Russia. Transnistria controls most of the narrow strip of land between the Dniester river and the Moldovan–Ukrainian border, as well as some land on the other side of the river's bank. Its capital and largest city is Tiraspol. Transnistria has been recognised only by three other unrecognised or partially recognised breakaway states: Abkhazia, Artsakh and South Ossetia.

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_zenith t1_iuat1kc wrote

Yep. It’s the LPR/DPR playbook like in Ukraine, and several previous conflicts. It’s what they do.


120z8t t1_iu92jwz wrote

I would bet money that Russia planned to invade. I would bet they planned to take Ukraine and move on to Moldova.


Force3vo t1_iu9fshv wrote

Definitely did. Invade those two then try to make EU states join them.

It's what they offered last month, had their army not been finished at that point it would be a lot more possible countries like Hungary would swap.


ZhouDa t1_iuan6hd wrote

Early in the war Lukashenko showed a battle map showing all the places where Russian was planning to attack Ukraine from, and one those place was a Russian controlled Moldova. In reality Russia needed a Ukrainian land bridge to Transnistria to make an invasion possible but Ukraine never let Russia take that much territory.

There's another interesting idea I heard that Putin was actually planning on conquering or subduing Ukraine, then he was going to mobilize Russia to get the military he needed to take on the other countries on his list (Moldova and Belarus would have been the safest bets for the next two countries he would have annexed), but in either case Ukrainian resistance forced him to move up his mobilization schedule before he was ready.


Drach88 t1_iu8ehnh wrote

Russia's security service is working to subvert every pro-Western government.

This is their playbook. The Russian Federation is a terrorist state.


Pilotom_7 t1_iud1zcm wrote

Moldova needs to get rid of its corrupt leaders. Romania needs to do that too. And the whole Europe.


RTFops t1_iu9e7y2 wrote

And America overthrew 72 governments in the past 50 years.


Force3vo t1_iu9fwhz wrote

What has that to do with Russia?

Oh you don't have anything to say to the topic aside from whataboutism.


Winds_Howling2 t1_iu9nhjp wrote

People say this whataboutism isn't having any effect, but it does cause displays of shock and awe to ring a bit hollow.


Force3vo t1_iuaeci8 wrote

It's insanely effective which is why it's used so often. Sadly


RTFops t1_iub4fn4 wrote

Lmao good segway ya clown.

The above comment mentioned that Russia is trying to subvert every pro-western government. I’m saying USA did that to 72 independent nations. How dense can one be?


Force3vo t1_iub4w60 wrote

And how does that relate to what Russia is doing?

Whatever the US does doesn't make russias actions ok. Or do you think the US doing that is right?


RTFops t1_iub63tn wrote

The whataboutism is a frail rebuttal. Just because you’re the biggest bully on the yard doesn’t make you morally just. America invaded a handful of countries with no pretence. They sunk USS Maine to start a war with Cuba.

Get of the high horse. I get it Reddit is a stronghold of left-leaning pseudo-intellectuals but you’re all cherry pick facts and put up horrible non-standing rebuttals.

How is this different from USA invading Iraq? Or Biden carpet bombing civilians for 70 days in a row in Czechoslovakia? Or the only nation to drop two nuclear bombs on civilian targets??


Suns_Funs t1_iucmc6x wrote

>How is this different from USA invading Iraq?

The invasions were not followed by people commenting what about Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? Funny how only one side feels the need to constantly flood the topics with "what about".


mong_gei_ta t1_iu9mtol wrote

You forgot to add "what about" in the beginning of you question


RicardoReview t1_iu9jpuk wrote

Being overthrew by America a lot less worse than to be an russian friendly state


RTFops t1_iub4on6 wrote

Tell that to China.


Klokyklok t1_iubazl8 wrote

Tell that to the people in the concentration camps lol


Fun_Ad_3206 t1_iuabbg9 wrote

Ah yes, because Russia only invaded Ukraine and never interfered in any other country. Like China or the USA or many other countries. This is just one-sided whataboutism.


LewisLightning t1_iuaiy9u wrote

Still not as bad as Russia. They have controlled more governments in a shorter period of time and have had a much larger body count to reach their goals.


RTFops t1_iub528a wrote

USA sunk USS Maine to invade Cuba? Your statement doesn’t take on account geopolitical differences.


FishbowlPrime t1_iucmahz wrote

I choose America any day of the week.

South Korea (America) / North Korea (Soviet Russia)

West Germany (America) / East Germany (Soviet Russia)


4-Vektor t1_iucpcv4 wrote

West Germany (USA, UK, France) + West Berlin (USA, UK, France)


LakewoodHayandGrain t1_iua2srb wrote

The slice of land east of the Dniestr and west of Ukraine is Moldova since August 27th, 1991. The whole of Moldova and parts of western Ukraine were Romania until 1940, when the diabolical duo, Hitler and Stalin, strong-armed Romania to give the territory to the Soviets.

Hitler and Stalin are the two worst in European history. Anyone who hangs out their portraits is a massive loser and any country trying to emulate either of these monsters must be broken by the rest of the world.


TXTCLA55 t1_iua9628 wrote

People always seem to forget that the Soviets were allied with Nazi Germany first before getting invaded and subsequently joining the allies.


LewisLightning t1_iuajabb wrote

I never forgot. I did think that Stalin just bastardized Lenin's idea for a socialist society, but I was wrong about that too. I thought Lenin generally had good intentions with a flawed political system, but it turned out he was a murderous shit-lord as well.


ScientistNo906 t1_iu8n451 wrote

Always happens when you have Russians in your breakaway province.


turbo-unicorn t1_iu9w4p0 wrote

For those that don't know the background - Russia has been manipulating Moldova's political scene ever since they broke away from the USSR. Technically, this is nothing new, but in light of certain developments in the region, it's getting extra attention. Hopefully, we'll be rid of these assholes as soon as their attempted genocide fails.


aeppelcyning t1_iub46iz wrote

They keep doing this type of stuff. Why would it be so out of bounds for western governments to subvert the Russian government?


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FilosKalos t1_iu8ee7f wrote

Lol. After the Moldavan people protested in the streets to stop the anti-russian propaganda, these 'intelligence documents' show up. Let me guess, the superior investigative journalists at the washington post hacked their way into Moldavan intelligence agency servers, meticulously went through TBs of data and found this info, then decided to share it with the American public because they want US citizens knowing exactly what's going on. Amazing job, kudos /s

Edit: keep downvoting me bots, you know I'm right


7TheHero t1_iu8k514 wrote

They are sponsoring pro-russian parties in Moldova, there was a video leak where the last president said his party gets 1 million dollars every month from Russia and while he was president he went to Moscow every other week.


FilosKalos t1_iu8thjj wrote

The people, who don't get jack shit from russia, are out on the streets calling out the propaganda.


Force3vo t1_iu9gito wrote

A minor demonstration isn't "the people". Actually the people still majorly are pro western.

It's like saying the AFD demonstrations in Germany show Germans want to join Russia when in fact counter-demonstrations are magnitudes bigger.


FilosKalos t1_iua170t wrote

Beep boop you bot. Afd demonstrations had half the people. German population is over 84 million. They didnt have the balls to blame nato or eu. In Moldova, people have been protesting for 6 weeks straight. Double the numbers ie. 7000 people (and if the west says 7k protests them, that means it's well over 10k). Population less than 3 million. Protestors have set up tents outside the president's house, hell bent not to leave until she steps down. Go watch cnn and save the nonsense comparisons for the other bots


Force3vo t1_iuabm9f wrote

And 7k in a country of 3 million that's financed by Russia that already is illegally holding part of their country is overwhelming? Sure.


LewisLightning t1_iuajig8 wrote

You realize you are the only person writing out robot sounds? No one else is sounding like a bot but you.


CanIgetanamethatsnot t1_iubb7pl wrote

Cmon guys just point and laugh just point and laugh. Let me guess you are a red neck Southerner from the US around 40 years old and no prospect for the future. You have no grapsing of the geopolitical scene in EastSouthern Europe and continue rambling like a delusional putin supporter.


FilosKalos t1_iuc5r90 wrote

I live in SE europe you social media bot. You couldn't be more wrong about me. Just like your evaluation of this post, or your view of global current affairs. You need an update, go to settings, about bot, update


CanIgetanamethatsnot t1_iucl3tk wrote

Whereabouts SE? I think I habe gotten the country wrong but the rest is quite close i fear.


7TheHero t1_iuexnrw wrote

The people who are on the street right now in Moldova are getting paid 20 euros a day and if they stay the night they get 100 euros. Some people from the party that organizes these protests went to Moscow last 2 months regularly and the party leader is one of the main beneficiary of the one billion dollars stolen from Moldovans banks.


curiosgreg t1_iua6ev9 wrote

It was claimed by Ukrainian intelligence so either that or someone sympathetic to the cause of the Ukrainians just went ahead and told them. You know. Like a spy would.


oalsaker t1_iucmg96 wrote

Beware of cartoon dogs bonking vatniks.


VolontaireVeritas t1_iucq6t7 wrote

There's no need for anti-russian propaganda when Russia itself provides all the needed material.