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CRimson9943 t1_iu31456 wrote

I don't care for what Putin said.

But I have to admit the current government has shown some remarkable diplomacy in this war, putting India's interests first without falling to the pressure of either side.


A_random_zy t1_iu3v3xr wrote

I hate Modi government but I have to admit that their foreign policy is nice.


Captain__Spiff t1_iu2yvns wrote

My mom is a true patriot. I say so because she's my mom. My uncle is also a true patriot, and my grandma is a true patriot, and my dad hates me, and my sister is a true patriot, and my neighbor is a true patriot.


3dio t1_iu3iz00 wrote

Putin is an absolute nutcase


autotldr t1_iu31c39 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)

> Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "True patriot", and praised India's foreign policy.

> Speaking about trade, Putin said, "PM Modi has asked me to increase the supply of fertilisers which is very crucial for Indian agriculture. We have increased volume by 7.6 times."

> "A lot has been done in the last few years under the leadership of PM Modi. His concept of do-it-in-India is significant," Putin said.

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TsunamiBert t1_iu48bui wrote

Putin the brown noser, lol. Pathetic.


Kaiaualad t1_iu4cvue wrote

India is its own master. The West shouldn't expect India to follow Western Strategy. Or Russian or Chinese strategy. India is a rising superpower who looks after its own. If the West supports India in this regard - well and good. Otherwise butt out. India is a much better friend than enemy. And their food is so good............


koifishadm t1_iu6wg25 wrote

Sure whatever. But Right now all India is doing is just looking the other way when some bully buddy of theirs is raping a girl who rejected him. May be that is what serves indias monetary interests, but thats no different from taking some hush money.


orangebish t1_iu329x5 wrote

Do you want that kind of praise from a dictator and a killer, India?


slipnips t1_iu3g34w wrote

He can say whatever he wants as long as he doesn't sell military equipments to Pakistan


going_supernova00 t1_iu3uh6w wrote

Frankly, Putin is somewhat correct on this. Regardless of many flaws that Modi has it is clear from his decisions he doesn't give a fuck about what the rest of the world thinks or believes, only what would benefit India and push India's interest.


bombmk t1_iu5586h wrote

> he doesn't give a fuck about what the rest of the world thinks or believes, only what would benefit India and push India's interest.

Those two things can run counter...


going_supernova00 t1_iu5cbex wrote

I read up his whole career. He had a implicit hand in Gujarat riots, world condemned it didn't stop him. He abrogated article 370 put Kashmir in internet blackout , world showed concern still didn't stop him. He is buying Russian oil world is concerned , I don't think think anyone would do anything to change what he is going to do


xyzmangaboi t1_iu7185t wrote

All the opposition parties came together to take him down in 2019, yet he still won, his party is promoting various schemes to develop India like UPI (successful), ODOP (also successful, implementing across the states), NLP (yet to be seen), PMGSY (announced last year). He only serves India. I sincerely hope there won't be a fruitful CIA/ Kremlin coup next election.


Cloudboy9001 t1_iu6d9ym wrote

It appears playing both sides is often a good tactic middleish powers with enough bad behaviour that they'll get limited Western support.


cencorshipisbad t1_iu49efu wrote

Indians worried about China’s incursions and plans to annex more disputed border areas should ask Russia, China’s ally, for help and see where that gets India.

Modi has left India with no allies because he is a patriot. Haha, more like a tool.


my20cworth t1_iu350k1 wrote

Can see all these right wing, nationalists Putin, Trump, Modi, Ji etc doing a circle jerk. "You're so strong", "No, you are", "you're the best"


zerosith121 t1_iu4psvj wrote

What makes Modi right wing, he’s religious? Other then that his gov hands out freebies like its their job


_ironhearted_ t1_iugni5h wrote

These guys confuse their own right wing to be the basis for centre-right all over the world. Don't expect them to have the brains to think that other countries are different from their own. They're probably seeing Trump as a poster child for anyone who says they're centre right.


thelightiseternal t1_iu3kuvn wrote

Every one that Putin praises automatically goes on the “An enemy of the state list” for me. Thanks for the clarifications and heads up Putin.


BearNo21 t1_iu3lyub wrote

Your "enemy of the state list", man's talking like he is the president of the USA or something.


thelightiseternal t1_iu3pp3a wrote

Surely you can’t abide by those that Putin calls friends. Maybe, you are more inclined to be of an orcish disposition?


seekknowledge4ever t1_iu325q2 wrote

Ass kisses, for selling dirty oil at a discount.

Ah and for the supply of weapons to target civilians.


H0lyW4ter t1_iu3gzui wrote

Modi loves to ass kiss Putin. Also, neutrality doesn't exist Modi. You are siding with Putin.


Zekrom16 t1_iu3hnqb wrote

How is buying agriculture fertilizers siding? India has sent 12 shipments of aid to Ukraine since the war started.


H0lyW4ter t1_iu3qak8 wrote

Why do you cherry pick fertilizers? This isn't about fucking fertilizers lmao.


Zekrom16 t1_iu3qi0r wrote

The article was mostly concerned with fertilizer so I pointed that out. Other than very necessary fertilizers , oil is the biggest purchase it's due to global oil prices rising so getting cheaper oil is to prevent recession. Well almost all oil is unethical so it doesn't matter if it's from Saudi or Russia.


H0lyW4ter t1_iu3zsw3 wrote

The article wasn't concerned about fertilizers. You just make shit up. The only point fertilizers was mention is one quote related to trade.


Zekrom16 t1_iu4brwx wrote

Only mention of trade was of fertilizer that's why I explained it , I mentioned oil purchases in the last comment so I don't know why you think India is siding with Russia.


QuiGonJinKazama t1_iuibpw6 wrote

It actually sort of is, the place is a complete basketcase joke a country. If you took away fertilisiers, lots of them would starve.