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Arkane-Light t1_iuhq7t9 wrote

Made up bullshit by the Russian Terrorist Regime.

How many times did the Kremlin use the humanitarian corridors to strike and kill innocent ukrainian civilians huh?


HDC3 t1_iuhqlxu wrote

Let's be real. Putin is losing a war that he thought would be an easy win. This is just collective punishment for the people of Ukraine because they won't just roll over surrender and for the rest of the world that sees Putin's Russia for what it is, a weak, impoverished, terroristic shadow of its former glorious self and supports Ukraine.

It is time for the west to deny Russia the Black Sea and to send the remnants of their Black Sea Fleet to the bottom.


UpLeftUp t1_iuhwabo wrote

This would be a serious allegation that should be taken seriously, if it wasn't made by Russia.

With all their blatent bullshitting, anything after "Russia says" can be safely ignored because it is 99.99999% likely to be a lie.


gentleman_snake t1_iuht50n wrote

Even if this is true, good on you Ukraine! Russia bombed civilians during ceasefire and attacks hospital and schools during wartime. Also deliberately kills civilians and non-hostiles. Fuck Russia. SLAVA UKRAINI!


wahchewie t1_iuhulzo wrote

Well, we can probably be certain that Ukraine didn't use the grain corridor for their drones then.


Ramental t1_iui8h9r wrote

I bet Russia is going to show some proofs?

I bet not, or it will be something like the security scan of the truck that exploded on the Crimean bridge, but didn't match the truck image captured on videocamera.


zeplin455 t1_iuiava9 wrote

Russia alleges many things


autotldr t1_iuhut5c wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 70%. (I'm a bot)

> In an attempt to justify its decision to pull out of the U.N. brokered grain deal, Russia on Sunday accused Ukraine of exploiting the "Safe zone" corridor created for grain transport to attack ships of its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

> Stating that Russia "Cannot guarantee safety of civilian ships" sailing under the Black Sea Grain Initiative, following the Ukrainian attack on its Black Sea Fleet ships, Moscow said it was indefinitely suspending its participation in the grain deal.

> "Taking into account the act of terrorism committed by the Kiev regime with the participation of British specialists on October 29, 2022 against the Black Sea Fleet ships and the civilian vessels employed to safeguard security of the grain corridor, Russia suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreements on the exports of agricultural produce from Ukrainian ports," Russia news agency TASS quoting the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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