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Dustandamused11 t1_itua764 wrote

Brave words. Now lets see him do something about those violent diplomats that attacked a protester at the Chinese consulate in Manchester. Or the Illegal prisons China has all over the UK.


nearmsp t1_ituc5h5 wrote

This is more a Biden initiative rather than a UK one. UK needs to get its finances in order. Biden needs to keep an eye on his left flank. The progressive left issued a statement calling for a negotiated diplomatic settlement. They then retracted the statement under pressure.


PuzzleCat365 t1_itucke2 wrote

Xi taking a third term instead of China finding a more peaceful and collaborative leader showed us that we have to find a solution for the next despot after Putin.

I hope that Russia gave us the foresight on how to handle Taiwan and whatever other aggressive act China will come up with.


highlyactivepanda t1_ituttqw wrote

I hoped both of them would make a statement about Diego Garcia. Something about freedom, sovereignty of Mauritius etc.,



DoctorYouShould t1_itugsq5 wrote

It also gave China the information on how they should act in case of an invasion.