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Arkane-Light t1_iuicoq7 wrote

Welcome to the new italian government

Right wing bigots, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, proud neo-fascists (La Russa President of the Senate) and opportunist populist Putin cheerleading morons (Salvini and Lega) are now in the government leading and managing the country...

Ministry to the Culture is a Putin Supporter

Ministry of Tourism is a corrupted brunette botox infused racist business woman

It is not a government, it's a fascist freakshow


BrownEggs93 t1_iuju416 wrote

Putin's plan for chaos in the west. We've got these same crazies through the government here in the us and running for office.


[deleted] t1_iuibpph wrote

I don't think ppl have a 'right' to things that directly threaten to take others core rights away.

Similarly you have no right to threaten rape or murder or enslavement and just call it protected expression.

There is no legal or accepted moral obligation to allow mass intimidation with threat of harm of theft of basic rights like this.

I'd let them make their threats, but then they go to jail just like any other threat of seriously harm or theft.

It’s not as if it’s legal to say I'm going to break in your house and steal your TV and that's just my opinion so you can't do anything about it. Your rights are worth more than your flat screen TV, stop putting up with mass threats or they can only get worse.


ok46reddit t1_iuicftq wrote


cuttlepod t1_iujwvej wrote

“Italy is not a country for young people” is literally what their new leader has said in response to shutting down this dance party. So, young people of Italy, I’d love to see you take their advice and take your skills elsewhere. See how well a country of exclusively conservative old people manages to run on its own…


Aliraza278004 t1_iuic3ze wrote

Politicians from Italy’s leftwing Democratic party have said they will raise questions in parliament after more than 2,000 Benito Mussolini supporters converged on the fascist dictator’s home town over the weekend, as Giorgia Meloni’s government was criticised for instead focusing on shutting down an illegal rave.


Evaploc t1_iuib7zc wrote

fascists in Italy? just the perfect time for seborga to declare independence


tyray21 t1_iujd266 wrote

facism was born in italy


SP1570 t1_iuic0ey wrote

The stark difference of approach is quite symbolic...but the real issue is the fact that these 'small' events end up taking priority over massive issues such as the fight against organized crime (mafia, camorra, 'ndragheta, etc.) and the prevention of ecological crimes (illegal burning/burying of waste, poisoning of water supplies, etc.)


Successful-Grape416 t1_iuituqi wrote

TIL there are backwater Italians who actually still support that idiot.


remiieddit t1_iuk12h2 wrote

Can me someone (from Italy) please explain why these clowns have won the election ?

Is the turnout so low?


beenburnedbutable t1_iujybsn wrote

These bootlicking fascist are asking for war and everyone of them should get exactly what Mussolini got.