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29PiecesOfSilver OP t1_iu48oy9 wrote

Well, I don’t think these countries had any chance of winning The Nobel Peace Prize next year, anyways.


connor42 t1_iu4hbsb wrote

The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner launched an ethnic war in 2020 where 600,000 are dead so far and whose forces have consistently used extrajudicial killings, rape and starvation on civilian populations


mayonnaiser_13 t1_iu4mf0y wrote

Same goes for 2009.

Mfer got a peace prize while calling in drone strikes on Middle East.


zyncronet t1_iu4sdpr wrote

This is why the Nobel peace prize means nothing, Fun fact: Stalin and Hitler were also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize


ne0nite t1_iu4wx08 wrote

All people who fulfills the official criterias can be nominators. This is not controlled by the Nobel Institute, and a nomination means nothing before they are selected as candidates on the short-list by the Nobel Comittee.

Hitler was suggested as a joke by a Swede and withdrawn shortly after, and Stalin got a nomination for "his efforts to end World War II".

Again, nominations are not created by the Nobel Institute. I do agree that awarding Obama the prize was a stupid choice.


Rhannmah t1_iu9bxew wrote

I hate the fucking Nobel peace prize, it's based on literally nothing and just serves to cheapen the value of the real Nobels, those for science. The Literature prize can fuck off too.


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cchiu23 t1_iu5m4fl wrote

Just casually lauding/desiring a genocide of russians, cool cool


hypnoticlycaucasian t1_iu5qw9z wrote

If you would be so kind as to collect your tears in a ziplock bag, I will happily pay for the costs of shipping and handling.


cchiu23 t1_iu5mi0o wrote

Hey hey, let's not forget the OG, kissinger got a nobel peace prize too


hypnoticlycaucasian t1_iu5jxyn wrote

>muh drone strikes

Awarding the Peace Prize to Obama was absolutely a farce that drove one of plenty nails into the prize's credibility coffin, but whacking moles in the Middle East was not one of the reasons for that. Collateral wedding damages withstanding.


29PiecesOfSilver OP t1_iu4jztx wrote

Yes, I notice a pattern here… BTW… Why is North Korea also not on this list of potential future winners, yet?


bookcupcontroller t1_iu4zzyh wrote

No he didn’t, he declared war on a rogue element of the government that actually initiated the violence


shortwing8734 t1_iu6nbfe wrote

This is pure fabrication. The war was started by an ethnically constituted party/regional government that launched a preemptive attack on the national forces of the country. They went on to take possession of the majority of the armaments for the army that happened to be stationed in the region they controlled.

There is no circumstance in which a leader of a country witnesses an attack on the national army, whose armaments (including long range missiles) are looted and doesn't respond with force, and that's what he did. That number of deaths you quoted isn't based on any evidence or data. There is also no evidence his forces "consistently" used extrajudicial killings or rape or starvation. A joint investigation with the UN already conducted proved as much.


FALGSConaut t1_iu5l11j wrote

The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke since Kissinger got it anyway


AdClemson t1_iu5gpg5 wrote

Why not? Nobel peace prize generally goes to assholes who have no problem ordering and killing civilians. Obama even topped Bush in drone strikes killing countless innocent women and children with absolutely no oversight and he walked away with one.


hypnoticlycaucasian t1_iu5k5t6 wrote

>Nobel peace prize generally goes to assholes who have no problem ordering and killing civilians

Objectively and screamingly false. Classic redditeur moment.


hypnoticlycaucasian t1_iu5qlwi wrote

You seem to have made a mistake, as your link does not contain a representative list of Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

While we can all agree that for example Shirin Ebadi (2003, Iran, efforts for democracy and human rights, especially the rights of women and children), Wangari Muta Maathai (2004, Kenya, sustainable development, democracy and peace), the International Atomic Energy Agency (2005), Grameen Bank (2006, efforts to create economic and social development from below), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007), the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (2013), Malala Yousafzai (2014), the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (2017), Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad (2018, efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict), Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov (2021, efforts to safeguard freedom of expression), and Memorial and the Centre for Civil Liberties (2022, documenting war crimes, human right abuses and the abuse of power) have all ordered(?) and killed civilians, there is no definitive proof that they did not have qualms about it.

You're doing a great job of holding these bloodthirsty monsters to account, as well as the corrupt Academy that enables their crimes. Give yourself a pat on the back for your informed and intelligent on the Nobel Peace Prize. There is no doubt that the lucky people who get to have conversations with you come away with the clear sentiment "Now that's a smart guy who really cares!"


CamelSpotting t1_iu6sbx5 wrote

Iran has a small but very significant chance. I'm pulling for them.