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cybercuzco t1_iuefmgp wrote

At the way we are going we are on track for Venus. Natural processes sequester a billion tons a year. We release 45 billion tons. That 45 number is increasing every year, not decreasing. Even if you could snap your fingers and all global electricity and transportation was electric and renewable we would still be emitting like 20 billion tons a year


Cappylovesmittens t1_iufkigx wrote

We couldn’t cause a hothouse Venus on Earth if we devoted our entire civilization to the task. There just aren’t that many greenhouse gasses on Earth.


cybercuzco t1_iuhpnw6 wrote

Actually there are, but they are locked up in limestone rock in the earths crust. That limestone was mostly laid down by coral reefs over billions of years. As we add carbon to the atmosphere we make the oceans more acidic, and they start dissolving that limestone wherever it is under the ocean, potentially creating a runaway feedback effect. Have a nice day.


Cappylovesmittens t1_iuiabiv wrote

That’s included in the calculation. It’s been studied and determined as an impossibility. Overstating the problem is nearly as detrimental as understating it, because it is obviously absurd and easily ignored.