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azeldatothepast3 t1_iuf9mjw wrote

So many defeatists on here. It’s a good fight, it gives meaning to many people’s lives. If it weee easy it wouldn’t be so meaningful.


f1del1us t1_iufc5zs wrote

I’m not a defeatist, I’m a realist. Human nature is not suddenly going to change in the next 50 years lol, climate change is simply too vague for the human mind to consider the danger, our brains simply are not wired that way.


Tigertotz_411 t1_iufncad wrote

People are too busy trying to survive from day to day to think about the long term.

The problem is, there won't be a long term. Humanity will not survive much longer. The planet will recover eventually.

For the people that do survive, mass food and water shortages, disease and death on an enormous scale won't make it a world worth living in. The richest will probably be OK for a time, but most of the planet won't be inhabitable, people will be moving around and putting even more pressure on the little remaining inhabitable land.


f1del1us t1_iufogih wrote

I do think it’s possible we will go underground, coupled with genetic engineering (of ourselves and our food sources). But most of the biosphere will be likely fucked.


Angryandalwayswrong t1_iufqjtk wrote

Also, our absolutely brightest minds already predicted how things would go and it has been on track for 30-40 years almost perfectly. It’s called the “business-as-usual” scenario by MIT.


Cappylovesmittens t1_iufkzsd wrote

Unbeatable? If warming is 2.4 to 2.6C there will be a lot of bad things, but it’s not something that will cause the collapse of civilization or anything. Society will continue on, more stressed than it is now but onward nonetheless. You aren’t dooming children to a life of strife and suffering due to climate change if the warming is indeed 2.4-2.6C.


f1del1us t1_iufo1ud wrote

Cling to that belief like a lifeboat if I were you…


Cappylovesmittens t1_iufv8zo wrote

It’s the empirically supported prediction put forth by the same climate scientists that raise the issue in the first place. It would seem odd to me to only selectively believe the information they provide.


Angryandalwayswrong t1_iufqpr4 wrote

Widespread displacement and lack of resources start wars. It’s not the actual climate we are all worried about; we won’t be melted to death; we will starve or die out from attrition.


Cappylovesmittens t1_iufww1e wrote

Right…those are the major concerns for warming of over 4C. That’s a realistic scenario if warming exceeds 4C (though more likely 6C…it just becomes a plausible reality around 4C). If we hit that level, collapse of civilization is on the table. Hitting that level also was realistic until the last couple years.

Warming 2.4-2.6C is really bad for a lot of people; it does not destroy and stress civilization to the point of widespread displacement and war.