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__Sotto_Voce__ t1_iug617s wrote

Fission? I guess it's possible, but I think there are still problems. Fusion would work better at that scale if we could build reactors that actually work cleanly.


Splatter_1 t1_iuhh6mc wrote

Fission is pretty clean as long as it doesn't have a massive meltdown and toxic waste is disposed of properly. Also did you know coal apparently produces more radiation than a fission plant does?


__Sotto_Voce__ t1_iuiwlex wrote

I am aware of the properties of fission nuclear reactors. Something I would encourage you to consider is the scale that would be needed. Look at the proposition critically and serious challenges emerge.

I wouldn't describe my perspective on this approach to be hopeful. We need serious advances on multiple fronts to even make a dent in carbon emissions with capturing systems, and these advances need to happen quickly and enable rapid scaling.