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semicertain9 t1_iu93o9p wrote

Iran is losing too many good souls. God speed you brave heroes.


autotldr t1_iu8d83f wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 66%. (I'm a bot)

> Mehrshad Shahidi, uno chef di 19 anni, stato ucciso mercoledì notte dagli agenti di sicurezza iraniane nella città di Arak, durante la repressione delle proteste scoppiate dopo la morte della 22enne Masha Amini mentre si trovava sotto custodia della polizia morale iraniana.

> Ieri sera, Amnesty aveva fatto sapere che "Almeno 8 persone erano morte nelle ultime 24 ore" durante le proteste.

> Secondo Hrana, l'agenzia per gli attivisti dei diritti umani iraniani, sono almeno 266 le persone che hanno perso la vita dall'inizio delle proteste.

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omg_pwnies t1_iu8e0v6 wrote

Google Translated from Italian:

>Mehrshad Shahidi, a 19-year-old chef, was killed Wednesday night by Iranian security officers in the city of Arak, during the crackdown on protests that erupted after the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini while in custody of the Iranian moral police.

>Last night, Amnesty said "At least 8 people had died in the past 24 hours" during the protests.

>According to Hrana, the agency for Iranian human rights activists, at least 266 people have lost their lives since the beginning of the protests.


golson4141 t1_iucwfg9 wrote

Don’t let their deaths be in vain ! Keep pressing on until all of the clerics are gone


GORShura t1_iua3bfq wrote

It's people like him standing up for people's rights even when faced with death that truly restore my faith in humanity. God bless mate 💔


BagOfMolding t1_iucl2ic wrote

A life is so fragile, but a moral soul is so strong. The knowledgeable fight for freedom. Only darkness and captivity await down the other paths. I'd rather be free in the 3rd dimension or be free from it.


Logical-Collar-5038 t1_iu9psae wrote

fascism is bad, stop it everywhere including inside USA


Flaveurr t1_iuc1ima wrote

"including USA" bro Americans make everything about themselves


Alternative_Art_528 t1_iucmobn wrote

American exceptionalism at is finest.

Didn't you know a regime that beats children to death in their schools, shoots everyone from children to elderly in the streets, burns political prisoners alive, legalized child execution and pedophilia, tries to burn cultural heritage sites and outlaw secular cultural traditions, imprisons and executes people for not adhering to state imposed religion, is exactly the same as what is going on in the US right now??


golson4141 t1_iucw75v wrote

Sad that a regime is that hell bent on staying in power that they will kill their youngest and brightest. Horrible just horrible. I hope 🤞 that they can push far enough to get rid of the horrible people at the top. Clerics?! Religious?! … I’d call them Murderers!


Sh00ni t1_iudttrp wrote

Another martyr. Let’s hope it won’t be in vain.


Clint101b t1_iugram6 wrote

My wish is that when the people that murdered him die, they remain in a state of being murdered …. Over and over again for ever. That would be the only justice good enough for them.


nonono33345 t1_iu99geh wrote

I wonder if he or his family would've wanted the US military to intervene and protect innocent people from abuse.


redcrayfish t1_iu9xdru wrote

Because that’s what America’s all about?


Substantial-Owl1167 t1_iuay62z wrote

That's what any leading superpower is about


wintiscoming t1_iub2phu wrote

Dude we literally propped up their government in 1980s. First we sold billions of dollars of weapons to Saddam Hussein. We supported him as he attempted to invade Iran immediately after their revolution. Then we decided we should send billions of dollars of weapons to Iran so that we could weaken both Iraq and Iran.

Not only were we supplying both Iran and Iraq with conventional weapons, we (with the Brits) also delivered chemical weapons to Iraq. Saddam gassed Iranian civilians and soldiers as well as Kurds and Shia Iraqis.

This war lasted 8 years and over a million people died. Instead of fighting against their oppressive government Iranians were forced to rally behind them to defend against Saddam. Then they suffered such terrible casualties they were in no position to do anything, Plus plenty of people were radicalized because they were literally fighting a holy war in defense of their country.

The US doesn’t give a shit about innocent people in other countries, they want to secure their own interests. Sometimes it works out like in Ukraine but more often than not we just hurt people. We arrange coups against democratic elected governments and support genocide.

Through international financial institutions like the IMF and the World bank, we fund corrupt leaders and help them sell their government assets to private companies. We helped fund Yeltsin in Russia after the collapse of the USSR and he sold out his nation to the Oligarchs, leading to Putin.

I’m not saying that the US is the source of all evil, we’re just the most powerful country so we have tremendous influence. Most countries are only able to commit atrocities within their own territory, like China is doing and the USSR did.


Substantial-Owl1167 t1_iubit3j wrote

dude you sound like you smoke too much pot and get all your worldviews from the Joe Rogan podcast

Shit happens, it isn't all just one big conspiracy


nonono33345 t1_iu9xmeg wrote

Who cares what it's all about?

Let's focus on practical solutions to practical problems.


Bodywithoutorgans18 t1_iuaw1bv wrote

The government that they have right now is in there exactly because the US military did the practical thing the last time the people in their country revolted against their government. I think the practical thing at this point is to not discuss the usfg with regards to their situation at all.

Ape together strong. Ape together, stronger than usfg.


nonono33345 t1_iuawdfm wrote

Last I checked, the US did not aid in the evacuation and relocation of innocent Iranians.


Agile_Bee7787 t1_iuaw2pt wrote

In what way is starting world war 3 practical?


nonono33345 t1_iuawd6p wrote

You're beyond foolish if you think helping innocent Iranians evacuate will start WW3.


Substantial-Owl1167 t1_iuay18f wrote

Could've happened when the US military was in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but then idiots voted for Obama and he wrecked it all, all the bad shit we see in the world now is Obama's legacy