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Ceratisa t1_iufpu3u wrote

God the news in the past few days seems especially horrific lately..


evhan55 t1_iuftd2f wrote

Mogadishu bombing, Seoul stampede, and now this


Upset_Otter t1_iug6caa wrote

I think they also cancelled a concert on another part of S. Korea for fear of another tragedy, people were fainting in that concert.


PurpleOstrich-Chan t1_iuht4fs wrote

I don't mean to be that person but Itaewon wasn't a stampede. It was a crowd crush. There wasn't room for people to stampede.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iui70zp wrote

Coincidence at a time of instantaneous international news access.


fudgy_brownies t1_iugbm3f wrote

132 confirmed dead so far. The bridge was hurriedly renovated and re-opened 4 days ago without proper checks/fitness certificate because elections are coming up. Government IT cell and some news channels are sharing a 4-yr old video of people trying to swing the bridge as new in order to blame the victims.


MegaPaint t1_iugo1eu wrote

182 seats for guajarat's legislative assambly eleccions in two months, generaly around the world some already seating are criminaly pushing to show "success" in infraestructure projects normaly by stealing public money through tenders and in some cases ending up with tangible tragic consequences as this one. I hope this tragedy reaches the head of the smelly fish and put an end to this kind of eleccion's projects deadlines mafia all around the world.


[deleted] t1_iuh2ohi wrote



lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iui79hs wrote

> But stop playing politics over dead bodies.

Check the mirror next time before you post.


closetbimbosissy t1_iuiawx4 wrote

Where did I do that? I said it because he was spamming the same message of “government IT cell” in every post.

This was a disaster. A very sad case. And I blame the administration.

But what he was doing was just pathetic.

Edit :

All u would need to do is see his post history to tell if he really even had a shred of sympathy for the victims. He has been like a spam bot with all his posts targeting one particular political party. For him this disaster is just another karma farming incident n another way to spread his propaganda.

Likewise u can check my post history to see if I am genuine. Don’t be in a hurry to show everyone a mirror. Some don’t need it.


deez_treez t1_iufdiw5 wrote

This keeps getting worse with every news article :(


Bakanyanter t1_iufrr0o wrote

This entire thing sucks so much, the toll keeps rising.

Scary thing is that I was in that area a month ago (nearby), its just wild to see news about it.


DisposableDemocracy t1_iufum23 wrote

The death estimates are all over the place. Looked like it was trending down and now 81?


Ok-Inspection-9797 t1_iugrzh2 wrote

No it is rising up it is confirmed means the more confirm death comes up and more updated the death toll will become.


iamnearlysmart t1_iugbfw2 wrote

I can't imagine the horror of those whose relatives are missing. The toll has been steadily rising in reports. The river has had a much worse tragedy in the past. But this one turned into horror from an auspicious day.

I hope at least that this leads to better safety standards. Then one might console oneself that this bitter tragedy was not merely a cruel turn of events.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iui7g9t wrote

> I hope at least that this leads to better safety standards.

If it does, they will be ignored by the graft of politicians and contractors.


Noir_Vena_Cava t1_iui9lyc wrote

It’s a shame they are so lax with health and safety in India

Hopefully better education can prevent future accidents