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MarcDVL t1_iudodsl wrote

The UNGA just voted on making Israel give up its nuclear weapons. Ukraine voted in favor of giving them up. You know, the same weapons that Ukraine gave up which allowed Russia to invade two decades later.


TheGazelle t1_iufrfjf wrote

And unlike Ukraine, Israel doesn't really share any borders with reliable allies that could be depended upon to support them.

The only reason they haven't been directly attacked in a while is because it went really poorly for the attackers the last few times, and Israel has since ensured that its military is the biggest, baddest dog on the block - by necessity.


Ok_Magician7814 t1_iugf1fq wrote

Agree but you left out it’s powerful big brother watching over it


Confident_Fly1612 t1_iughhlh wrote

The one that stayed out of its earliest, most important wars thinking it would lose?


Ok_Magician7814 t1_iugjbml wrote

The one that to date has given it hundreds of billions of dollars of aid money, not to mention ongoing military support


Confident_Fly1612 t1_iugtgkw wrote

So yes, the one that gives that aid money with the caveat that it must be spent on American weapons that will then get battle tested, unless it’s spent on technology and intelligence that also benefits America. But I’m not sure what ongoing military support you mean since you’re mentioning that separately from aid money.


Labor_Zionist t1_iuh4rqq wrote

Which we are thankful for, but you can't base the existence of your country on a single ally. The US didn't always support Israel and there is no guarantee it will always continue to do so.


TheGazelle t1_iuhhf2u wrote

Yes, the one which is half a world away and wouldn't really have any safe path to get supplies in should put surrounding nations decide it's in their best interest to fuck with Israel again.