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Zucc_Boi_ t1_iugvxq0 wrote

>If you want to be pedantic, fine. Otherwise:




>Israel failed to the toe the line of their supporters.

>There are other examples of similar, but that is a fairly recent time.

>Then, of course there is stuff like this:

You failed to address the fact that this (all are one case, not 3) was anticipated and coordinated with the US when Israel was seen as a potential mediator. As soon as mediation efforts broke down, Israel immediately switched to harshly criticizing Russia. But before any criticism, Israel was already providing Ukraine with humanitarian and material support.

Ukraine's decision, on the other hand, came as a surprise to everyone, and unlike Israel it did not abstain, but outright supported the resolution when the entire west didn't.

>Then, of course there is stuff like this:


How is that related to anything? Israel is defending itself, and so is Ukraine.

>My point, excluding the voting, stands however.

>Both Israel and Ukraine rely on foreign powers, Israel for much longer than Ukraine. Both countries express their own agency in politics as is their right.

>We are in the brink of a world war and genocide is being committed under our noses. “But they voted against us so…” shouldn’t even be on the table.

>Especially not for cultures that have been the victim of genocide in the past. There were many reasons given to not become directly involved in ending the holocaust, and I’m glad empathy and rationality won out.

Your point does not stand, because your only argument was proven to be false. Israel does not vote against its own allies, and does not go against them when it seeks their help, therefore Ukraine shouldn't antagonize its allies either. You can say it's just a vote, but it's also an expression of one's policies, and Ukraine is decidedly anti-Israel.