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Shillofnoone t1_iucubrx wrote

Redditor diplomats in shambles


[deleted] t1_iudj249 wrote

American Reddit diplomat: Are we really cooperating with these call center people to keep those factory workers down? What happened to those Belgian hot chicks who believed in our democracy?

Indian Reddit diplomat: Russia best friend, Americans supported Pakistanis, we should not cooperate with them.

European Reddit diplomat: You have our moral support. We would like to have a guest membership. You don't want to invite us, nevermind, here is a 30 billion dollars cheque for those shiny f-35s.

Chinese Reddit diplomat: Should we give our opinion, what if CCP does not like it. Here is the belt and shoe initiative invitation.


funkynotorious t1_iueqdqx wrote

Nah we Indians know we need US help to counter China. What we Indians don't like is when US pressurizes India to speak against Russia. That's all.


Ausbel12 t1_iueocu4 wrote

You had everything spot on and ruined with the cliche Chinese one


CRimson9943 t1_iucq3qv wrote

When will Redditors start to realize that decision-making in diplomacy is not dependent on their personal opinions


JPR_FI t1_iucsaul wrote

In democracies opinions of the voters impact diplomacy as they grant the leaders their powers. That is not to say that arguing in Reddit makes any difference on anything, but opinions do matter and they can change things rapidly. For example prior of Feb Nato was a non-issue in Finland and majority of citizens either opposed it or considered it not relevant. That changed over night as the general sentiment changed and in just few months the application was sent.


CRimson9943 t1_iucsdql wrote

Democracy is meant to be looking out for the opinion majority, Redditor ain't the majority


JPR_FI t1_iuctor1 wrote

I have no idea whether it is or not; it certainly is not the venue where the decisions are made. But given that in some cases the content reflects the populists rhetoric it may very well reflect it at least in some cases.


CRimson9943 t1_iuctu16 wrote

And do you think that is for this case?


JPR_FI t1_iucua2w wrote

I have no idea what the case even is ? Point was just that opinion do matter and even with its flaws Reddit reflects some aspect of them.


Sri_Man_420 t1_iud41g1 wrote

I think Indians on Reddit are p much behind Indian Phoren policy


CRimson9943 t1_iud49wy wrote

Wow whether that was deliberate or not my head hurt trying to read that shit


sign_up_in_second t1_iudvi0v wrote

>In democracies opinions of the voters impact diplomacy as they grant the leaders their powers.

the foreign policy blob has never given a shit about what voters care about since they are a permanent civil service and think tank apparatus that operates largely without any public oversight whatsoever. while you saw daily meltdowns about uyghurs on reddit, 6% of democrats and 2% of republicans consider xinjiang a major issue with china


Drak_is_Right t1_iueqdf6 wrote

India is the only logical partner for part of this.

Global shipping has a lot of traffic through the Indian ocean, and no one else is going to be able to assist the US on the scale India can.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iui9wxm wrote

ok so you support the genocide rap and slavery of Ukraine makes sense


[deleted] t1_iucmd1w wrote



CRimson9943 t1_iuco422 wrote

When did they ever choose the right in the first place? they have a relation with Pakistan so they choose to ride on both horses


[deleted] t1_iucjgf2 wrote



CRimson9943 t1_iuco6i3 wrote

It does not work like that and it is not like we like to trust the US either, as they are in bed with Pakistan which makes them an unreliable ally.

But here we are


[deleted] t1_iucpar4 wrote



CRimson9943 t1_iucpjzk wrote

So Russians and Americans are evolved from different species or what?

let's just not talk about Ukrainians and Russians


Whole_Philosophy3237 t1_iud854v wrote

Aren't the whole west is majority white christian? Russians , europeans and americans also share same dna, why you guys don't patch up?


arsinoe716 t1_iud2ycs wrote

I think it meant "broader distabilizing role".


Infinite-Outcome-591 t1_iudqr0c wrote

Ya, now that India sees how badly the RF has preformed in Ukraine. They're just a paper tiger! How quickly India is switching sides?


xdesi t1_iudveyz wrote

You are wrong on Russia's capability and motive, and on what you imagine is India's change in position.

First, on RF - I hope you were being sarcastic because your label of bad performance does not gel with RF taking out a third of Ukraine's power supply in a few days. On motive, R sees it as an existential threat and the US knows it but still decided to get Ukraine into NATO. See William Burns communication to Condoleeza Rice in 2008. And that was not surprising if you read George Kennan on expanding NATO. So, bottom line: there is no way Russia is walking back on this one.

India's position has been consistent. On China, India and the US are on the same side to a large extent. India is worried because it is next door to China, and the US is worried about losing its paramountcy in the coming decades. India has no reason to take sides between NATO and Russia, not least because NATO never aided India in thwarting Chinese aggression in areas China claims. So the US "aid" to India, rather generously assuming it to be real help is not because the US is concerned about democracy but about China dethroning it.

So, you should stop thinking of such India/US news as a change in Indian policy.


imranhere2 t1_iucpczg wrote

'stabilising' ? Probably not


drakenoftamarac t1_iudz2ts wrote

India can’t even stabilize itself


Longjumping_Meat_138 t1_iud1go2 wrote

I don't get why though? Clearly China is already collapsing so why do this?


No-Care-4354 t1_iud364b wrote

China is not collapsing, they are world manufacturing hub they do not collapse over night


smokky t1_iud9lra wrote

Not for long.


CRimson9943 t1_iudbxlw wrote

Yes, they will be here for a long time, people need to understand a manufacturing economy like China does not crack in a few years.

Yes, there can be some problems and yes they can face recession and their growth can halt and even other countries might surpass them but they won't crumble in a short time unless some big happen


Deicide1031 t1_iud7usy wrote

You just answered your own question. China is not going anywhere, they are a manufacturing power house. Who told you they are collapsing in real time right now? Lol


FlightAble2654 t1_iucpmi2 wrote

India playing the fence with Russia and USA. I don't like it.


CRimson9943 t1_iucprnw wrote

Come on, the US plays with India and Pakistan, do you think we like that


Ivanthegorilla t1_iud6cdi wrote

why not just help china take over northern india since india wants to help russia?! seems like a good deal to me...


SaffronBanditAmt t1_iudifva wrote

Redditors' try not to shove Ukraine and Russia into literally every topic on the planet challenge (impossible)

Seriously, it seems like 90% of Reddit lives in Donbas tf


Ivanthegorilla t1_iudj09l wrote

nope most the world supports Ukraine understandably, unlike India, China, Iran and Russia turning into outcasts the world needs to adapt around


SaffronBanditAmt t1_iudjekm wrote

>nope most the world supports Ukraine understandably

You know what's not understandable, how most of Europe doesn't support Armenia and keeps funding Azerbaijani blood gas. There's an inconvenient truth for you to think about. Or not, because it goes against your narrative.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iudjngz wrote

Xi currently as of september supports Modi while occupying Ladakh and surrounding india with ccp arent really worth arguing with anymore really


TerryWogansBum t1_iuhyr7j wrote

Most of the world supports Ukraine but ignores Yemen because the GOOD GUYS US and UK are actively involved in that ongoing genocide. Most of the world is very selective on what atrocoties it gives a shit about. Most of the world plays pretend on morals.


Whole_Philosophy3237 t1_iud8eum wrote

That north India itself contains more than 700 million people spread across plains, deserts, hills , protected by mighty himalayas in north and also indian nuclear capability.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iud9lg6 wrote

China already occupies Indian territory smart guy and debt trapped several countries around india which = CCP military stationing...just shows how bright they are to work with russia, CCP's primary ally an indian news source


CRimson9943 t1_iudf1zn wrote

That's why we are using America against China and Russia needs to be neutral


navneet2131 t1_iue3klp wrote

Let me get this straight. You want the US to help China to invade India because India (among many European countries) is buying oil from a country which is presently invading it's neighboring country?

Do you even know how crazy that sounds? Why not just attack Russia and cut the middleman? Oh wait you can't because nobody wants another world war.

Do you genuinely feed bad about a country getting invaded because similar attacks are happening in the middle east but the US is still buying oil from there. Otherwise, you are just a racist guy who doesn't care what happens to people with brown skin


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuel1ca wrote

well if you want to help Russians kill and enslave Ukrainians then they must be racist...I never mentioned race you mentioning racism just shows you have no real arguments


TerryWogansBum t1_iuhzngf wrote

The other user meant that if you only care about Ukraine being invaded and not the million or so brown countries the US is consistently massacring then there might be an underlying reason.


BruhBorne69 t1_iug7mf3 wrote

So beacuse Indian government in your mind wants to help Russia you want to help China take over northern India in which the war and the occupation would kill more people than the entire population of Ukraine and affect hundreds of millions of lives.

The level of stupidity and hypocrisy is astonishing.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iui8rss wrote

if someone supports terrorism why support them?


BruhBorne69 t1_iui9il4 wrote

> if someone supports terrorism

That's literally every major world power in existence but let's not go there and just read your own comment again you are literally in favour of supporting terrorists take over northern India regardless of how much deaths and slavery it would lead to, way to be a hypocrite.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuia16p wrote

gotcha you like slavery and genocide and rape okay I got the message


BruhBorne69 t1_iuiagwm wrote

My god! Do you have any reading comprehension or are you just trolling. I never said I am supporting slavery, rape or genocide you are the one who's doing it

> why not just help china take over northern india since india wants to help russia?! seems like a good deal to me...

Again read your own comment mate


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuib3nr wrote

ya like is wanting to attract like sometimes russia destroying ukraine only okay cuz india is getting cheap gas? Maybe if china gives something cheap the world should turn a blind eye as they push further into india


BruhBorne69 t1_iuiea7s wrote

> Maybe if china gives something cheap the world should turn a blind eye as they push further into india

The world should do something, it's immoral to do nothing and let innocents get hurt right but the world still won't do anything, China already gives you all the cheap things it is a manufacturing hub the west won't dare to sanction them same way as Russia. USA would care to an extent and give India weapons but only because China threatens their position as the top dog other than that India will have fend for itself as it has been doing for the past 75 years. Like it or not countries work in the intrest of their people not morals.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuilrh0 wrote

I know Biden loves ccp slave made solar panels maybe that would be a good trade for a blind eye


BruhBorne69 t1_iuimghz wrote

I mean India doesn't have a white population so yeah easy to turn a blind eye towards them.


No-Care-4354 t1_iudaytg wrote

That is a dumb deal, why US help a country that openly challenges the US hegemony especially when the said country is glorify communism and control over the Indo-pacific

America literally bombed countries because of their PTSD on communism,

I don't know what kind of dumb bias u have against your India to believe to partner up with China who also is a Russian ally, by the way, is a better idea.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iudcutw wrote

I dont know what dumb bias india has to help Russia invade Ukraine


No-Care-4354 t1_iudczfm wrote

India did not ask Russia to Invade Ukraine,


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuddwzp wrote

Giving Russia money and buying Russian goods IS supporting Russia invading Ukraine


bobs_and_vegana17 t1_iudv21x wrote

giving azerbaijan money and buying azeri gas is supporting azerbaijan's invasion of armenia

giving saudi money and buying saudi oil is supporting saudi's genocide in yemen

giving qatar money and buying qatari goods is supporting terrorist groups in south asia

giving america money and buying american products is supporting american destabilization in middle east and north africa


No-Care-4354 t1_iude6w2 wrote

If that's the case didn't Europe and china contribute the most to Russia


Ivanthegorilla t1_iudefdb wrote

Europe and US are backing out, you are obviously well informed....sadly Germany is giving ccp access to their ports so that's not gonna go well


No-Care-4354 t1_iudekwy wrote

So what is the logic of helping china against India lol


Ivanthegorilla t1_iudg3nn wrote

might as well, alliances are very cloudy and confusing at this point.... china is the biggest threat to the world, as is Russia having the worlds largest nuclear arsenal is the present largest threat as well as they become more desperate. might as well just let them take over neighbors that dont play ball fighting Russia, and keep defending taiwan , Japan and mant others from the ccp...India is now shaking hands with the CCP while being occupied by them. So why protect them from eachother.


No-Care-4354 t1_iudiirw wrote

>might as well, alliances are very cloudy and confusing at this point.... china is the biggest threat to the world, as is Russia having the world's largest nuclear arsenal is the present largest threat as well

You know that makes America a world threat right

>India is now shaking hands with the CCP while being occupied by them. So why protect them from each other?

It seems that you're poorly uninformed


Fun_Border3913 t1_iudn32a wrote

Giving china money and buying Chinese goods Is supporting China killing uyghur muslims


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuelfas wrote

US at least is sanctioning the CCP India is doubling down investing in Russia while they attack and enslave people


TerryWogansBum t1_iui0a3g wrote

The US actively engaged in genocide in Yemen over the last decade to help their buds the Sauds. Sick and fucking tired of burgers acting indignant about this shit when they are the biggest, bloodthirsty, monstrous cunts that have the nerve to act like moral arbiters. It's fucking disgusting


binadielek t1_iucjkyy wrote

This will fire back. India proofed to be only interested in itself and incapable to play a bigger role in international diplomacy. But I guess this is choosing the lesser evil to fight china…


Zekrom16 t1_iucnn2z wrote

India backed Armenia while it was being invaded so India is trying to play bigger role. While the European nation instead bought gas from Azerbaijan and Usa just made a statement of discontent without doing anything.


funkynotorious t1_iuer1wz wrote

Also India gave poor countries vaccines for free. At the time when western countries like USA and Germany wanted to make profit from it.


Winds_Howling2 t1_iucrtdt wrote

>India proofed to be only interested in itself and incapable to play a bigger role in international diplomacy

At least they don't try to further self-interests in the guise of furthering international diplomacy, or transparently advocate for a non-diplomatic, violent approach. Assuming of course that the notion of India "only" interested in itself was true, and had it not given aid to AF, Ukraine and Sri Lanka going by recent memory alone.


Silver_throwawayeety t1_iud6cvw wrote

Listen, I dont want to come across as some rusbot or something trying to fling whataboutisms around, but that first sentence could entirely accurately also be attributed to the US. Or most other globally influencing countries