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SpinCharm t1_iugtqlc wrote

What a strange title. Died by being hit with a police baton. Not “woman dies from police beating her to death”


Stormy-Skyes t1_iugwsw1 wrote

Right? She didn’t happen to be killed by an unattended baton, she was killed by police beating her.


squidguy t1_iuh4pwr wrote

Passive headline voice used to blunt the effect of state violence. It happens all the time in America, but now that you notice it, you’ll be seeing it everywhere.


quichemiata t1_iuh8bw8 wrote

Daily nation Pakistan is the publisher, it was likely on purpose


jamesbideaux t1_iuhbd8y wrote

or it's the result of being translated.


chadenright t1_iuido0a wrote

No, if it said something like, "Iranian police beat, murder 17-year-old student" I could understand translation issues. But either the translator got creative with the title, or there is no mention of the active, participating killer in the actual title - just the murder weapon.


SardScroll t1_iuji0gh wrote

There's more to it than that. There are tricks to writing head lines, especially if you care about clicks/read/papers sold (which to be fair, it is a headline. It's supposed to be an attention grabbing summery, not a detailed account. That's what the body is (supposed to be) for).

Active voice requires the subject (usually the first words in a sentence) to be the Iranian police, rather than the victim.

Iranian police, being violent oppressive tyrants = we know, yawn

17 yo student, dying = investment, care, click.

Same information, different focus, different reaction.


Independent_Pear_429 t1_iuhdduq wrote

That how journalists normally report deaths by cops. "Suspect dies after altercation with police in own home"


sillypicture t1_iuhy74c wrote

No no, person dies by hitting the police baton with her head with lethal intent.


reddititty69 t1_iui7288 wrote

Iranian Police beat child to death for protesting against the Iranian police beating children to death.


Elbradamontes t1_iuhog6e wrote

I think it’s to focus on the baton. My reaction was towards the dangers of police with batons. Like when someone is killed by a non-lethal weapon it’s important to point out it is lethal. What if it was just a single crowd control swing? Isn’t that noteworthy?


kaisadilla_ t1_iuigr9j wrote

tbh that's not relevant. A baton is non-lethal because you can use it to control someone without killing them. If you kill someone with it, either you did it on purpose or you were negligent.

This is like saying handcuffs are lethal because you can strangle someone with them. Yes, you can, but it's not how they should be used.


IkLms t1_iuj6rpb wrote

A baton is no different from a bat. A single 'crowd control' swing is lethal force when it's aimed at a head which would be likely here if it was only one swing.

But it's still deflecting.

Using passive voice on this is trying to control the narrative and make it seem like an unfortunate accident instead of an intentional act by the police leading to death


Wit-wat-4 t1_iui0hdo wrote

I agree but I do wonder if it’s a translation issue. I speak a middle-eastern language and it’s very common to say “police’s baton kills” or “at the hands of the police”. I don’t know how to explain it but mentioning the weapon doesn’t remove the agency and in that language it would indeed make me think of a bloody beating with a baton. Reading it in English though it sounds like a random baton slipped and fell off a window and landed on someone or something.


ailee43 t1_iujkc50 wrote

"woman murdered by police with baton" you mean.


huggybear0132 t1_iuitebj wrote

I mean the source is pakistani... not exactly known for their raging feminism either.


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IamWarlok t1_iuhavs4 wrote

They’re right tho. It was harsh but fair.


CaptainC0medy t1_iuhf071 wrote

The first sentence was right. The rest of it was pretty ott


james_hamilton1234 t1_iuhkvtv wrote

Meh not really. It's not like you had to search through a newspaper to find the article, it was right there. One click. Much work I'm sure ......

Also just to be clear, you're saying you just read a headline and run with it so if the headline is disingenuous or contains misinformation, that is simply all the information you gathered on the topic before running with it? This is literally how misinformation is spread.

You could have gotten away with the stupid comment if it wasn't for us meddling informed readers (Scooby doo reference - I'd post a wikipedia link but ... Well you're not gonna click on it are you)


CaptainC0medy t1_iuhqvax wrote

I do appreciate scooby doo, but no

I said I didn't know if it was 1 hit or 100, all that needs to be said is "it's in the article" and that's it, someone name-calling is immature.

Defending name-calling is worse.

It's one thing to inform someone, another to be abusive, and another to defend it.

But then this is reddit.


james_hamilton1234 t1_iuhugi9 wrote

> reddit

Which you didn't bother to do before jumping in with your hot take and then getting mad when you get called a dumbass for it


CaptainC0medy t1_iui4dxp wrote

Hot take, I said from the title you can't say if it's 1 hit or 100.

Keep making drama.


james_hamilton1234 t1_iui5sqc wrote

> A single hit isn't a beating. That said no idea if it was 1 hit or 100

This would be the hot take - I'm curious, where is the part about you saying form the title you couldn't tell? Or was that the later comment where you were telling us you didn't read the article ...


CaptainC0medy t1_iuibgf5 wrote

"That said no idea if it was 1 hit or 100," this tells you I am referencing the headline and not the article, didn't read it.

I can comment on the headline without reading the article, because the op if this threading said it was an odd phrasing of the heading.


hunisher1 t1_iui6m2k wrote

Bro I don’t know why you’re so upset and still trying to defend yourself. You looked a fool and people called you out on it… it’s all good, maybe read the article before posting some stupid shit next time?

It’s like you grabbed a cactus with your bare hand and act BAFFLED that it hurt you.


CaptainC0medy t1_iuiayle wrote

Not upset, sticks and stones, just don't see why someone has to go john wick because I stated the headline doesn't state if it's 1 hit or 100, whether I read the article or not, I'm factually correct.


hunisher1 t1_iuigjs8 wrote

“John wick” that’s hilarious lmao. You’re still a dweeb though.


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YouMakeMeSaaaaaad t1_iuhgn7v wrote

Stfu. People are dying and you are busy analyzing if it took one hit or multiple.... Stop typing and do some soul searching


--Gungnir-- t1_iugnk0b wrote

The information about this kind of thing coming out of Iran just keeps getting worse.


Culverin t1_iuhc2d3 wrote

I'm hoping the masses turn the corner to change a protest into a revolution

I'm rooting for the Iranian people.

I don't think kid gloves is going to work to change the mind of fundamentalist religious zealots. Fingers crossed they can come to the same conclusion.


[deleted] t1_iui4rky wrote



kaisadilla_ t1_iuiggxe wrote

Nah, if they had decency, they'd join the protests. But then again, if they had decency, they wouldn't have made it this far.


dai_rip t1_iui66tm wrote

Like last time the group holding the most ak47s will hijack it


Tatar_Kulchik t1_iui7pm8 wrote



Culverin t1_iuiu349 wrote


"if Allah wills"?

Seriously? That's your response?

Religious zealot asshats are a core source of the problem.

Sure, we can debate whether God exists or not.

But for somebody to claim their actions are acting in his will? Alright, show me the receipts. This has been and is an ongoing major contributor to the history of violence of mankind. This is why the Middle East is a total shit show.

Fantasy and fiction over reality.

It seems like the Iranian people are saying "I don't care what God wills, this is what I will". Until he descends from his hypocritical throne in the heavens, that's a good message to me.


Warhawk137 t1_iuixzg6 wrote

It's more appropriately translated as "god willing" in the manner it's used. You say it about something you hope will happen.


Culverin t1_iuj9tlt wrote

"in the manner it's used" is the problem, the religion is baked into the culture.

It's like saying "god bless you". Sure that's culture. But the foundations where it comes from brings with it that women have less rights.

At the core, the police and the religious olds don't match the basic human rights the rest of us accept as a baseline. Culture is not an excuse. Religion is being an enabler of abuse is even worse.


Warhawk137 t1_iuja5pt wrote

It's just a turn of phrase. Do you seriously go on a diatribe about human rights when someone says "god bless you"? Sneezing in public sounds like a miserable experience then.


Big_Tujunga t1_iujgq9c wrote

They seem to have missed the part where it translates to 'God willing' which is something we say all the time. It's almost like the religion is baked into our culture, too.


Tatar_Kulchik t1_iuixbr0 wrote

Yes, God willing, this will be the end of the current Iranian regime


Tatar_Kulchik t1_iuj0s38 wrote

Do you get upset when people use the phrase 'Thank God!' when they have massive relief about something?


Culverin t1_iujac8p wrote

Do you get upset when somebody expects facts and evidence when people speak or make claims?


kaisadilla_ t1_iuigdb0 wrote

How many more kids does the Ayatollah have to murder for us to realize that his religious beliefs are right?


Ilikehoodies22 t1_iujd2kp wrote

Stuff like this happens everywhere. The western media is just high lighting stuff and making it known to you and me so we can hate Iran and not mind a war. It’s all conditioning.


Harsimaja t1_iuk8z3i wrote

Yeah that’s right, every country murders children for showing their hair. Iran is no less democratic than democracies, etc. etc.

Shove off with the ‘enlightened’ whataboutist moral equivalences. You’re not more nuanced, just more simplistic in a smarmier way.


koifishadm t1_iugpcfv wrote

Wow Iranian republican guards seem real scary fighters.. defenseless young girls seem to be their preferred enemies!


CalmButArgumentative t1_iuhhh81 wrote

You only think that because the image of a beautiful woman makes for good headlines. In reality, they are pretty much-killing everyone left and right.


kaisadilla_ t1_iuiingb wrote

Indeed. Just a day or two ago there was a story of a 19-yo male chef who had been murdered by the Iranian guard, too. Sadly, they don't discriminate in their violence and bloodlust. Anyone protesting is fair game.


dogsent t1_iugosqr wrote

The Iran protest movement continues, despite thousands of martyrs who died. Astonishing. So much blood has been shed. Death to the mullahs, and all who keep this bloody regime in power. Their souls will be tormented in hell forever for what they have done.


3dio t1_iuh7xul wrote

Revolution. This is beyond protest


MoodApart4755 t1_iuhw2qf wrote

Probably too early to call it a revolution when it has just been protests


nonono33345 t1_iuhqhf2 wrote

How much real change has been done?

It seems like a lot of innocent Iranians are being killed, but the killers aren't really suffering any consequences.

It seems like once enough of them die, the rest will just give up.

Is there anything to suggest this isn't the case?


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iui5zvd wrote

> death to the

We've come full circle to using the chants that we made fun of Iran for using.


ididntsaygoyet t1_iui9wmg wrote

There is no hell. This is all we got. And the Mullahs are ruining it for everyone.


RedgrenCrumbholt t1_iugy6j8 wrote

Yesterday the head of the Revolutionary guard said today would be the last day of protests.

I suspect he meant the last day of that round of protests as this will surely ignite more.


cosmernaut420 t1_iuh1gqd wrote

Hey dipshits! If you want the population to stop protesting, maybe stop murdering them in the street like assholes.


nonono33345 t1_iuhqoxw wrote

"Make us. Good luck with your 'thoughts and prayers' and 'omg they're so braves.' I'm sure they will work eventually. In the meantime, we'll just keep killing innocent people with no repercussion. My wife actually loves it when I do this."


kaisadilla_ t1_iuiir4z wrote

They are not protesting police brutality. They want freedom. Freedom to not have the state tell you exactly how much hair you are allowed to show.


jonathanrdt t1_iujh5pj wrote

How can they yield, though? If they bend on scripture, the foundation of their rule collapses.

This is why you cannot run a modern nation on an ancient text.


Aht1 t1_iuhopy2 wrote

Always wondering how those people go home after such days...

'hey dad how was your day at work? '

'great day beat an underage girl to death because she wanted to live free of oppression'

'I look up to you dad, thank you for being a hero <3'



RealistWanderer t1_iuj1042 wrote

They hang people in their neighborhood for people to see.

It's all around fucked and has been that way since the '79.

Only an armed populace led by an armed and organized opposition can end this through civil war.

Otherwise this will never end, especially as Iran is damn close to a bomb.


nonono33345 t1_iuhrdqv wrote

It's what pays the bills, and their wives love them for that.


EMP_Jeffrey_Dahmer t1_iugxv01 wrote

Iranian leaders willing to kill their citizens in order stay in power. Nothing will change.


Kohouteky t1_iuh69la wrote

How many young girls have to die at the hands of police before the population rises up?


izvin t1_iuhqni4 wrote

Dude they have been protesting for 43 years. The past while alone they had mass protests and mass killings of civilians in response in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022.

This is really hard to "rise up" when the regime usually shuts off the internet and mass murders everyone while the world stays quiet. This is the first time since 2009 that people are paying attention to what's going on Iran and it's not just young people that are out fighting together. You saw Obama himself admit on that podcast recently he messed up by ignoring Iranian people during their 2009 uprising. This time it's even more widespread in Iran but they need the world to stop dealing with the regime via trade and diplomatic relations to actually be able to get rid of them. You can't overthrow the mullahs if we're just gonna give them another nuclear deal and lots of access to their money and trade and they use that power to kill everyone inside.


Kohouteky t1_iuhu9ue wrote

Agree that the world needs to stop making a deal with this regime. They are tyrannical liars that will break any deal.


Independent-Ad-9907 t1_iujlfut wrote

Yup, and as we have already witnessed it in Ukraine invasion, the world can put a lot of pressure on a brutal government.

Honesty it rly makes me wonder if there is some sort of "profit" for the west in the existence of Islamic regime, cause I personally don't see any other reason for this inaction.


OldManMcCrabbins t1_iuh9uhi wrote

This is what am I wondering. If you are her parents, siblings or relatives, what is stopping you at this point?


Kohouteky t1_iuhmg9h wrote

Depends on the family and where you live. In some places, they blame daughters for everything.


KLFFan t1_iujle77 wrote

They are rising up, but unarmed protests cannot stop a totalitarian government willing to use as much force as necessary.

The only reason the revolution in 1979 happened was Jimmy Carter told the Shah not to crack down so hard.


Kohouteky t1_iujm0i4 wrote

That's all true, but people rising up is the only way the nightmare ends.


nonono33345 t1_iuhqso7 wrote

The population is rising up, they just don't have the means to force change on their own.

The real question is, how many young girls have to die before welfare queens in militaries across the world do something?

Oh right, some young girls aren't as important as others. My bad. I'll be sure to whisper it in their ear as they're being bludgeoned to death. "Some redditors think American soldiers helping you right now would cause WW3. But you're so brave!"


KLFFan t1_iujlii7 wrote

The West invaded Iraq and installed a democratically elected government and has gotten nothing but grief from it.


nonono33345 t1_iujm1yc wrote

The answer isn't to change the regime. It's to protect and relocate innocent civilians to safer nations.


Advanced-Depth1816 t1_iuhe4bk wrote

I would like to start seeing names and pics of the officers that are doing this. If they even know


LeftyDan t1_iuhr0n0 wrote

I was wondering what the police officer that died thought when that moment came. Did they beg for mercy or die as a martyr?


constre t1_iuhh95o wrote

Fuck Mullahs


Madholm t1_iuhhzse wrote

[ Removed by Reddit ]


FuckCanadians257 t1_iui289w wrote

Yeah because only women and kids matter right


Madholm t1_iuiyv90 wrote

Killing anyone makes you look bad, that’s not even up for question and not sure how you think my statement invalidates that stance.

However, when your opposition can start posting photos of young people with bright futures that have been taken away from them, the outcry for your head will be far worse.

I hope they hold those villains responsible, and for contrarian shit stirring assholes like you to fuck off.


GopherPA t1_iuiz0o7 wrote

And only the beautiful ones, apparently.


Madholm t1_iuiz4t7 wrote

Killing anyone makes you look bad, that’s not even up for question and not sure how you think my statement invalidates that stance.

However, when your opposition can start posting photos of young people with bright futures that have been taken away from them, the outcry for your head will be far worse.

I hope they hold those villains responsible, and for contrarian shit stirring assholes like you to fuck off.


ShinyRhubarb t1_iuhwh5y wrote

Big "People don't kill people, guns kill people" energy in the title.


Holiday-Amount6930 t1_iuiswyb wrote

Only the most barbarous of societies systemically kills their young women. These are Iran's future and current mothers and wives, leaders and teachers and doctors. They are a crazy, sick society. Iranian people deserve freedom from religion.


SalukiKnightX t1_iuixkwy wrote

WTF is going on in Iran with its almost blatant killing of its young women?


themanfromvulcan t1_iukats6 wrote

Making an example and they are easier targets then outraged young men who are more angry than afraid.


TheDemontool t1_iui89ut wrote

Accidentally discharged batton


VeteranSergeant t1_iuityh9 wrote

"The fatal beatings will continue until the protests over police murdering people stop."


akuboyasu t1_iujwxi4 wrote

You can thank religion for this shit.


uberbla123 t1_iuhxuqv wrote

I still just cant get my head to understand this . In canada we had a bunch of dummys fighting for freedom by parking semis in the major cities and honking their horns non stop to try and stop the border lockdown and the covid restrictions . And nothing happened to them somehow even though they should have been bop’d with a baton in my personal opinion . But then we have other countries where a woman driving is against the law . And where a woman has no real choice of anything in her life . And i just cant understand how this is ok anywhere on this planet . I truly feel sorrow with these people . This is disgusting on a whole new level to me ):


PeachBoyX t1_iuil9hs wrote

My family and I fled Hong Kong six months before the handover back to China and everything my dad predicted would happen came true. I know what it’s like to see your home die at the hands of shit eating dictators and understanding what a real infringement of humans rights can look like. As a Canadian now, it really disgusted me to see people equating to lockdown measures for our own health and well-being to human rights violations. My heart goes out to the people of Iran; hopefully there’s a place where we can donate or do something to help their cause. Fuck dictatorships, fuck religion in politics.


DontBanMeBrough t1_iui15wj wrote

*Being bludgeoned with a baton.

The title makes it sound like the baton was flying through the air…


[deleted] t1_iuj7dbx wrote

Its become the capital of murdering teenage girls, not a great look


GuardianWolvenFriend t1_iujkut1 wrote

Just wait until their own children are the ones being killed. Yet they probably don’t have the heart to even care about that.


PulledPorkPlease t1_iuhzhkq wrote

Imagine hating your own population like that c

That’s the sign of a faulty government. If you can even call it a gov.


tyranicalteabagger t1_iuieizz wrote

I really hope they can rid themselves of these a holes this go round.


AstonGlobNerd t1_iuisvov wrote

A very peaceful death in the name of sky daddy!

When will we admit that Islam is incompatible with modern and western society?


Ivanthegorilla t1_iuj8bb4 wrote

so a normal day in Iran, at least she wasnt raped first, if it wasnt in public they probably would have ... how can Iranians LIVE LIKE THIS?!


Benedikto_ t1_iujje6a wrote

I was watching Andor yesterday. The similarities are uncanny. "Oppression breeds rebellion"


themanfromvulcan t1_iukbm5l wrote

Dictatorships that seem to last awhile give some freedom and don’t overplay their hand. If you back people into a corner where they feel they have nothing to lose it’s going to go south for the governing power very quickly.

Even if it’s not all out murdering your population if they feel they are being treated so badly they are willing to risk their lives to change things it’s hard to stop it.


Spodson t1_iujpp22 wrote

"Yeah, that aught to settle things down."

~The rat fuck cop that did it (probably)


pinkyfitts t1_iujr7kg wrote

When will these assholes realize that, were they to allow their women freedom and the possibility to succeed, that those women would actually make their fucked up country better?

What man WOULDN’T want his wife or sisters to run things?


R1kenol t1_iuju92p wrote

Another one ☝️


DoubleHelixShoes t1_iujx67e wrote

Such a shame. She is gorgeous. Fuck those ignorant fearful cowards.


IrishRogue3 t1_iuibi62 wrote

Where are the fathers, brothers and sons in these protests?


sirbarani OP t1_iuiiplk wrote

don't worry, they're killing them too.


IrishRogue3 t1_iuiix24 wrote

Hey sorry I wasn’t clear- we don’t see coverage of the men protesting. Only see the women. No one wants to see either gender killed.


sirbarani OP t1_iuipxo2 wrote

Over 90% of the killed protesters are men and boys, Islamic Republic has always been a child murderer.


Spectre_195 t1_iuj39lq wrote

Because this story is propaganda. There (sadly) isn't anything remarkable about this death. This is happening multiple times a day there right now. Like a lot. She just happens to be a beautiful young woman. And nothing stirs the pot like bad stuff happening specifically to beautiful young woman.


saripp05 t1_iugtili wrote

America should clean this up its their fault to begin with


wrufus680 t1_iugwwlr wrote

Try not to blame America for everything challenge: Impossible


TelephotoMoto t1_iuhk8nk wrote

Unfortunately in this situation it’s true. Look up “Iran in the 60s” on google, looks like many European countries. But the government decided the US couldn’t have any oil, so the CIA instigated a military coup against the government and helped put a US friendly dictator in place. That dictator and his government was weak, and the hyper hardcore Muslim government in power now moved in and seized power easily.


io124 t1_iuh2ded wrote

For the mollah in power it is….

Few country can say usa have some impact on their situation : « chili, irak, iran » (and a big part of country invade by isis).


Canaliens t1_iuh0b3q wrote

What about the British? Or the Russian empire? Go back far enough there will always be someone new to blame and to hate, instead of actually dealing with the in internal problems caused by a large portion of Iran that adheres to medieval thinking.


io124 t1_iuh2f1w wrote

The most recent still is the uk/usa coup d’etat.


Canaliens t1_iuh397s wrote

Ah so everything is their fault and so the US should somehow fix it for something that happened almost 75 years ago. Sounds like a plan.


io124 t1_iuh3jwz wrote

I didnt day usa should try to fix something…

They can make thing worse


Canaliens t1_iuh3tcx wrote

Read the context of the post. Maybe try to make a point instead of just throwing out a random piece of information…


io124 t1_iuh4umu wrote

I just answer to your comment about trying to deny the usa intervention in the 50’s that overthrown a government and lead to the Shah and after the mollah.


Canaliens t1_iuh5er3 wrote

How did I ever deny their involvement??? read the comment. My point is that blaming the US/UK for all Irans problems is wrong and ignores some more fundamental problems with Iran. The same goes for much of the Middle East as well for that matter.


jugosIoven t1_iuh1ul2 wrote

The Iranian people need to figure this out on their own without outside interference.


io124 t1_iuh5a3i wrote

Im not sure its a good idea, every time usa do something in this region, it make thing worse.


Drach88 t1_iuh9hmg wrote

Oh yeah? Please explain why it was America's fault, and what concrete steps America should take.

I look forward to your thoughtful and nuanced explanation of geopolitics.


sirbarani OP t1_iuh9uzx wrote

Jimmy Carter and his administration helped Khomeini!