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IrishRogue3 t1_iuibi62 wrote

Where are the fathers, brothers and sons in these protests?


sirbarani OP t1_iuiiplk wrote

don't worry, they're killing them too.


IrishRogue3 t1_iuiix24 wrote

Hey sorry I wasn’t clear- we don’t see coverage of the men protesting. Only see the women. No one wants to see either gender killed.


sirbarani OP t1_iuipxo2 wrote

Over 90% of the killed protesters are men and boys, Islamic Republic has always been a child murderer.


Spectre_195 t1_iuj39lq wrote

Because this story is propaganda. There (sadly) isn't anything remarkable about this death. This is happening multiple times a day there right now. Like a lot. She just happens to be a beautiful young woman. And nothing stirs the pot like bad stuff happening specifically to beautiful young woman.