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CompositeBeing t1_itu3pzu wrote

They won't. Especially majority of those who got a Canadian or American residency. I am personally involved in helping Ukrainian war refugees in their resettlement process and that's what I got from them as their feedback. I do not blame them as those families were terrified and I wish none of us would ever experience war first hands.


Stx_Digital OP t1_itu2pkn wrote

Ukrainian refugees should not return until spring to help ease pressure on the energy system after a wave of Russian attacks, the government said.

"The networks will not cope," said Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk. "You see what Russia is doing."

"We need to survive the winter," she added.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian air strikes had destroyed more than a third of the country's energy sector.

Ms Vereshchuk said that although she would like Ukrainians to return in the spring, it was important to refrain from returning for now because "the situation will only get worse".


Current-Escaper t1_ituv32w wrote

Refugees flee persecution, disaster, and war. The war is not over; the disaster is obvious. Was there some sort of decree they were meant to return this winter? Why would they come back this winter?


red286 t1_itwbhpo wrote

There was no decree or anything, but most of Western Ukraine has been fairly safe for the past few months (relatively speaking). If you lived in say, Kyiv, and fled the country when the war broke out, you might be thinking "well I'd rather be living in my own house, in my own country, than burdening the people of (country) and living in a hotel".

They're being asked to not do so, since the extra burden to the power grid would probably cause widespread blackouts which would be shit for everyone.


acuntex t1_itw27nk wrote

No direct reason.

But some have returned out of free will, mainly to regions where Russia is not occupying. You have to consider that most refugees are women and children. Husbands and adult male children had to stay home and couldn't leave easily. So they just want to go back to their family.

I've talked to some refugees and it's heartbreaking to see a child crying and asking to go home to see Dad.


Slacker256 t1_ituabvt wrote

By this point all Putin has to do is to repeat the same thing next year. And a year after. And then, no one will return so desolated Ukraine will be his to take.

Does General Staff has some strategy to counter this scenario? Unlikely, but it's not like they have much choice. Western support won't last that long regardless.


UniquesNotUseful t1_itucykn wrote

Their main counter is killing thousands upon thousands of Russian soldiers and many countries absolutely wrecking the Russian economy. Russia really needs an exit strategy.


HiZukoHere t1_itvl2cf wrote

Russia doesn't have the hardware to keep this up long term, Russia is also suffering and not able to simply wait out opposition, and there are plenty of people in Ukraine to oppose Russia - it's not like they are dependant on people returning to make up their forces.