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Slacker256 t1_ituabvt wrote

By this point all Putin has to do is to repeat the same thing next year. And a year after. And then, no one will return so desolated Ukraine will be his to take.

Does General Staff has some strategy to counter this scenario? Unlikely, but it's not like they have much choice. Western support won't last that long regardless.


UniquesNotUseful t1_itucykn wrote

Their main counter is killing thousands upon thousands of Russian soldiers and many countries absolutely wrecking the Russian economy. Russia really needs an exit strategy.


HiZukoHere t1_itvl2cf wrote

Russia doesn't have the hardware to keep this up long term, Russia is also suffering and not able to simply wait out opposition, and there are plenty of people in Ukraine to oppose Russia - it's not like they are dependant on people returning to make up their forces.