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Moonkai2k t1_iu6zsqi wrote

I don't know, I hear their RBMK reactors are impossible to fuck up. They even guarantee the highest radiation measurement you'll ever see is about 3.6 roentgen.


Texcellence t1_iu788al wrote

Anybody who reads more than 3.6 roentgen near an RBMK nuclear reactor is clearly delusional and should be sent to the infirmary.


Kanin_usagi t1_iu7dfxb wrote

It’s a reference to the HBO show Chernobyl guys. He’s being facetious


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_iu7q8j7 wrote

Just in case you didn't have the Internet 3 years ago and missed out on everybody "hilariously" replying with "3.6 roentgen, not great, not terrible" to fucking everything.


Bowsers t1_iu98dji wrote

Like recently, with people drinking polonium tea ,before falling out of windows, onto bullets in the back of their heads?


DrDeadCrash t1_iu75p2g wrote

But how could any country trust them, at this point?


xt1nct t1_iu7lsys wrote

“Maybe if we like stopped testing the covid cases would stop going up?” - Trump


Moonkai2k t1_iu9uwpg wrote

How exactly can you make literally everything about Trump?

You realize that type of obsession isn't healthy right?


Shandothederpdo t1_iu800ck wrote

Furthermore you will not see Graphite on the ground BECAUSE THERE IS NO GRAPHITE.


Speculawyer t1_iu7mmpd wrote

*if that is the highest amount your Geiger detector can measure.


vshark29 t1_iu7oou1 wrote

I hear it’s the equivalent of a chest x-ray