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artcook32945 t1_ixwnox0 wrote

Pro Birth? Why then send so any Studs off to die in a stupid war?


ajmartin527 t1_ixwukf8 wrote

Probably more about anti-liberalism. The more they can control the better, even if there are conflicting goals and laws.

Can’t give up any little bit of freedom or show tolerance otherwise it’s a slippery slope to people wanting more.


14DusBriver t1_ixx28sp wrote

Doesn't Russia still have one of the higher rates of abortion on the European continent?


artcook32945 t1_ixx7fsx wrote

I have not seen data on that. I have seen where their Birth Rate is down.


14DusBriver t1_ixxf08h wrote

Well I grabbed the data. They have indeed the highest count of abortion procedures per live births in Europe