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HungryPot t1_iy3yu38 wrote

Do you really think civilians can overthrow the government in Russia? If there is one thing modern Russia is good at, it’s stomping out civilian protests. Can you really blame the people there for not wanting to risk a 15-year prison sentence or death just to express their disapproval of a war that’s going to continue regardless? I highly doubt that you or anyone else here would do anything different in the same situation.

I don’t support Russia’s war in Ukraine, and I don’t understand why so much aggression is being directed at Russian civilians.


StandardMandarin t1_iy3z7mq wrote

Well, they can certainly try it. Iran is sentencing protesters to death too, and yet people are standing for themselves.

It's hard to imagine a revolution without government trying to stomp it.


HungryPot t1_iy40mt8 wrote

Sure they can, and did at the beginning of the war. A lot of good that did. Protests don't always work.


werklerw t1_iy4rj3l wrote

A few dozen people holding up signs is not a revolution. The reason they can't do shit against their oppressive government is because they largely support it. Look at Ukraine 8 years ago to see what people do when they really dislike their dictators and aren't scared to fight for their freedom. Stop giving ruzzians a pass while their country is openly committing genocide, most of them are for it and should be judged as such.


Caftancatfan t1_iy5ug56 wrote

Why are you zzpelling it like that?


werklerw t1_iy6zwts wrote

Because they're a nation of nazis who picked 'Z' as their new swastika. This is a derogatory term to show my utter contempt.


wha7everbro t1_iy447o2 wrote

Protests work. It’s russia that doesn’t work.


_Reddit-Troll t1_iy47wgz wrote

Someone over there is going to have to take out Putin, or it won't end. It's going to have to be military. It will be labeled a massive heart attack. Closed casket.


generic1984 t1_iy6ubgi wrote

I know a few "average" Russians. If Putin is ousted, it will be from the Right. They are upset with the corruption and demand total victory. Last Spring, they would have accepted less than total victory. Now, both sides have suffered too many losses to accept a cease fire. This will end only when one side is crushed.


Plenty_Fun6547 t1_iy7036f wrote

Looks like Mother Nature or Father Time, will take Pooptin out. Jus not soon enuff.


Ok_Goat8830 t1_iy61925 wrote

Honestly, with the mobilization I think it's easier than ever. Armed conscripts could gather together and rebel against their officers. If people truly oppose the war, more would join to the rebellion than against it. Civilians would have a much better chance protesting now, that everyone can see even soldiers oppose war. And thus we reach the conundrum. Perhaps this doesn't work bc simply put not enough ppl oppose the war. They may oppose it because they're losing or because they consider military leadership inept and are angered that they are the ones paying the price for that ineptitude. But they don't oppose the war for being unjustified, wrong, fought unfairly brutal against Ukrainian civilians or any other of those things. The just hate that they suck at war and it's the one thing they had told them they were good at.