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thek00laidman t1_ixqyijk wrote

Ahhh, Quebec. Crying about being oppressed while simultaneously oppressing anyone that isn’t a white Francophone. Some things never change.


Godkun007 t1_ixtcvah wrote

Also, claiming to be "secular" but there needed to be a national media outcry before the supposedly "secular" politicians would agree to stop legislating with a massive crucifix looking over them in the legislative chambers.


[deleted] t1_ixtp4t4 wrote



bergmoose t1_ixudmct wrote

Licence suspended stops can still be done as it isn't random. However the overall tone of your message suggests to me that you think traffic police are there to try and catch people out. They are not. They are to make roads safer. If someone is driving safely and causing no issue, their car is properly licenced and so on then there is no reason for them to get pulled over, so they should not be pulled over.


Redacteur2 t1_ixqjust wrote

> "We are against racial profiling, but in certain areas of Montreal we need the police to continue to do their job on a random basis," he said.

It’s not a random if it’s only black people, say the whole thing, you want to stop black people in a random basis. Too bad a Montrealer’s vote doesn’t count for shit in this province.


Sir__Will t1_ixqrglb wrote

Now, now... it's also indigenous people.


Godkun007 t1_ixtd6kr wrote

Honestly, you don't even need to be black, just anyone from out of town.

I was driving through a small Quebec town during the summer and I stopped to put in gas. When I started driving I noticed the police were following me and they put their lights on. They then interrogated me for 20 minutes about what I was doing in town and made up a bullshit excuse about a store's alarm going off. They then advised that I leave town. It was fucking wild.


autotldr t1_ixqmdtg wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot)

> The Quebec government will appeal a court ruling that found stopping drivers without cause is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, according to Radio-Canada.

> Quebec Superior Court Judge Michel Yergeau had ruled on Oct. 24 that police can no longer make motor vehicle stops without cause, saying it allowed police "a safe conduit for racial profiling against the Black community."

> Community groups had asked the Quebec government not to appeal the decision, saying it would be a significant step to combat racial profiling.

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HackMeBackInTime t1_ixqj1qw wrote

quebec, the deep south of canada.


DrSkoolie t1_ixqqkry wrote

That's Alberta. Quebec is the oppressed minority who wants to oppress other smaller minorities


HackMeBackInTime t1_ixqsfiz wrote

nope. alberta is texas. they speak the same language and can access outside information.

quebec is a close society that's too ignorant to realize how backwater they are.


DrSkoolie t1_ixqspzc wrote

Well, Texas is part of the deep South ;)

I don't think there is an analogy for Quebec in America. To my knowledge, the French settlers in America were assimilated in.


Floofyboy t1_ixruhrl wrote

The analogy is not perfect because on many other issues Québec is one of the most progressive of Canada, for things like gun control, health care, tuiton costs, gay rights, etc. But we have an unique reality that our language is in danger and sometimes our government overreact in dumb ways.


HackMeBackInTime t1_ixrvtya wrote


i appreciate the socialist perspective, we should all be so lucky. but the way they keep the population uninformed with their french only rhetoric is shameful.

i was born in mtl in the 70's, every english speaker i know has long left, no family left there.

talk about a brain drain


Zeke265 t1_ixsfn6m wrote

Quebecker are the scum of earth. And they shall be remembered as such. Tabarnak