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Bokbreath t1_ixsahr7 wrote

An extreme right winger wants to run the police. How .. unusual


niratomi t1_ixshzfm wrote

That right winger also supports a terrorist named Baruch Goldstein who murdered 30 innocent muslim people, called him a hero and had a picture of him in his living room until around 2 years ago (he only took it off because he was almost disqualified from running to the knesset so he started censoring himself and saying he is more moderate now suddenly)


3dio t1_ixtp928 wrote

It's a trick used by fascists the world over


Johannes_P OP t1_ixsrtb8 wrote

This guy tasked with policing, and especially the West Bank, is going to end as well as policemen giving a junkie the keys to the evidence room where are stored seized drugs, or giving to a compulsive gambler a credit card.


artcook32945 t1_ixsk2e1 wrote

Let the Body Count begin.


hardy_83 t1_ixtibac wrote

Israel: That 5 year old child threw a rock so the soldiers were justified in shooting at his direction. It's his fault his entire protest group was killed including the other children. The soldiers were scared and defending themselves. Can we have more foreign funds for weapons now please?

Rest of the world: Yeah sure no problem!


kkalmightyagain t1_ixsh4em wrote

This will be brutal. They already don't treat them like humans and now this F is going to make it 100x worse.


[deleted] t1_ixskj9f wrote

God is as far right as you can get, everyone else is left of Him. He also laughs at them in their vanity.