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wanderinglightgaming t1_iy98n66 wrote

Its not limiting prospect of legalising same sex marriage. They simple took the decision out of the hands of the court and make it the decision of parliament to decide.

Once enough ppl support same sex marriage in SG, parliament will vote to legalise it.


Ceratisa t1_iy97pj9 wrote

One step at a time. Backwards ideology doesn't change overnight even if it can't change soon enough


queenvalanice t1_iy98n17 wrote

This is my thought too. We can’t always expect leaps. This is another step in the right direction so I applaud it.


Ceratisa t1_iy98t4k wrote

Exactly, as much as we want what's right and decent as soon as possible we will always be forced to walk at the pace allowed. Normalizing this makes gay marriage easier. I get lots of flak from my friends who want the all or nothing approach and I'm like.. better is still better?


queenvalanice t1_iy9en1j wrote

It blows my mind when people act that way. I certainly hope they don’t apply this technique to relationships!


Arcanic_Soul t1_iycekc0 wrote

Isnt gay sex a backward ideology then since it existed ever since ancient greece?


nariusone t1_iy9bc8y wrote

Wow ... finally. That is pretty slow given how developed Singapore is but I suppose better late than never.


SYLOH t1_iyc7nyz wrote

1st world infrastructure, 3rd world mentality.
You can't crash build the latter, that takes time.


Ok-Prompt-6391 t1_iy9u4w4 wrote

Why are marriages linked to the law at all? What is stopping me from having a marriage ceremony with my wife, putting the ring on, saying my vows, and than proceeding to be legally single? The fact we have to write down on our taxes that you are ‘married’ seems like some third world religious bullshit to me. Stay the fuck out of my life lol. I mean most marriages don’t even work out, so the whole ceremony thing kind of seems useless in itself no?


shmip t1_iyauylg wrote

Governments give tax breaks to families because they are literally raising the future of the country. They're trying to encourage stable relationships that will result in new citizens, otherwise the country will die.