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__The__Anomaly__ t1_iy1qzz8 wrote

Can someone explain to us what the views/aims of señor Lopez are?


FranticPonE t1_iy1u9w1 wrote

AFAIK: Do nothing about crime, do nothing about corruption, give the military a bunch of in country "duties" it shouldn't have and involve it in politics, use public money for pet infrastructure projects that are more ego boosting than useful, lead vague pro government rallies even though you're in government, and take de facto bribes from the US to keep migrants in Mexico.

Basically do next to nothing while pretending you're a great "man of the people", at least as far as I understand it


TacTurtle t1_iy59fv0 wrote

So pretty much like the last Presidente but without the pesky pretense?


GokuBlack455 t1_iy27cyo wrote

I’m Mexican, not living in Mexico but am somewhat up to date on the Mexican government and the Mexican National Football Team, and I have yet to find an answer to that exact same question.

I would assume his aims are to reduce corruption in the government (especially after the dunce Peña) and fight Cartel crime, both of which he’s done absolutely nothing. Also help aid the poor working class of Mexico but I don’t think he’s done much if anything. I would assume also strengthen ties with the USA and make Mexico more internationally well-known, but right now Mexico is still well-known for two things: a mediocre football team and extreme violence. To be fair, the extreme violence is well-known in all of Central and South America too; Mexico and Brazil are the most violent countries I believe. In short, AMLO has been one of the most useless presidents in world history.


lonewolf420 t1_iy3t7kr wrote

> AMLO has been one of the most useless presidents in world history.

He did successfully lobby the US not to label the cartels what they are Narco Terrorist. So he wasn't that useless to the cartels that run a large portion of the country. Can't forget that feather in his cap.


GokuBlack455 t1_iy6aiit wrote

The cartels are not terrorists. I greatly despise the cartels and they are the prime reason (alongside the failure of all Mexican administrations since Calderón to deal with them) why I dislike going to Mexico, but they are not terrorists and believing they are so is a sign of ignorance on the subject. Terrorists are groups of individuals who engage in extreme acts, typically violent, to intimidate, terrorize, and cause fear amongst a population usually due to opposing point of views. ISIL and Al-Qaeda terrorized others because they weren't Muslim or largely opposed their radical Islamic ideology. Mexican cartels aren't terrorists, they are criminal syndicates that use violence as a way to distill fear against other cartels and the Mexican military. The cartels couldn't care less about religious point of views or even ideologies, they don't care about that at all, they care about making money and continuing their illegal rings of drug, sex/human, and arms trafficking. They are crime organizations that have infiltrated the economy of Mexico and hold it hostage, but they don't commit acts of violence randomly just because, they do it because of turf wars and confrontation against the government. You can imagine the Mexican cartels as being pretty much like the gangsters and mafias that ruled New York in the 1970s, just with US military grade technology and weapons.

Labeling the Mexican cartels as terrorists is the same as labeling the US military as terrorists.


Fukputinroughly t1_iy1vy0d wrote

Normal Latin American lefty. Fuck up your country and blame USA for everything.


psychedpineapple t1_iy1wh9d wrote

Weirdly enough he does not blame the US, just anybody who opposes his government.


hazael10 t1_iy2gin2 wrote

bro read the news pendejo, otherwise get out called for being an ignorant dumbass!!


hazael10 t1_iy2hcr5 wrote

reforming the government branches to favor the people of mexico instead of companies that extradite resources and exploit mexico natural resources and labor force, also huge against political corruption. the reason why its called the 4th transformation its because it follows the mexican revolution, mexican independence, and “the laws for reform” key aspects in mexican history that “suprimir los privilegios de una clase y otorgar libertades a los que se veían oprimidos” (surprises the privileges of a social class and gives the liberties to the oppressed” that foo is making history helping the people and the country as a whole, but big media, the news and brainwashed shitfucks will tell you otherwise, if you want more reference look how he managed the covid pandemic, as a country they didn’t fall back in debt or recession as many other countries that are ran by corrupt officials


moreliacuck t1_iy3ppzs wrote

Well pretty much he is traying with different degrees of succes to fix the systematic corruption of almost 90 years of prior governemt, but there is still a lot of opossition by the mexican equivalent of trumpist like the ones that dominate mexican sub reddits


Proud_Wallaby t1_iy43zus wrote

That’s interesting. My Mexican ex-wife would say that he wanted to be like Trump, but was more stupid. She didn’t like him, but couldn’t ever explain very well why. The only thing that made any sense was that according to her, him trying to fix corruption is a joke as he is corrupt himself.


Ok_Goat8830 t1_iy5hnri wrote

It's very interesting indeed, given how both Trump and AMLO are extremely populist. Both have dictatorial aspirations but are exceedingly inept to succeed at them. Also, both president's followers think they are supreme, uncorruptible, messiah-like beings who will magically change everything, and would follow them to their deaths.

Needless to say, after push comes to shove migrants still abound in the US and americans are still losing their jobs (the two main concerns of Trump); plus there are more deaths to violence than ever before in Mexico, and the country is just as corrupt as always.

So yeah, calling the opposition trumpist-like is interesting and I've never heard that before.


moreliacuck t1_iy47exj wrote

What he has been steadily doing is cutting overspending, collecting taxea from the riches ( on friday the government won a case against one of thr most corrupt bank on the country as the owned more than 500 m dlls on taxes) and increasing well fare to help people not rely on the narco jobs, all this with diffent degrees of acceptance, also the old regime is still pretty strong (just the former president stole a little bit more than 300 billon dlls, that's a lot of money too keep interfering on the country


__The__Anomaly__ t1_iy3x2sf wrote

I hope he has some success and will also set a good example for future politicians.


Ok_Goat8830 t1_iy2nwxu wrote

his views are we should gift all the money to the poor because anyone who is rich is evil and against him.

his aims are to fix absolutely everything (mainly corruption and violence) by doing absolutely nothing... needless to say it hasn't worked so far, at all.

he spends most of his time fighting the political opposition, complaining about the elites using their power to oppose him and blaming them for all things wrong (even though he's the most powerful and in control figure in decades), managing the backlash of all the stupid things he says/does and all the negative results (mainly by, somehow, blaming the elites and past governments as already mentioned ( just mentioning they were even worse if all else fails)) and directing a couple of state megaprojects, which again only generate backlash because they are stupid projects and they get negative results. You see, it's kind of like a vicious cycle of ineptitude and waste.


moreliacuck t1_iy5d1ry wrote

No Patrick , having the corporations and the rich pay taxes is not giving all the money to the poor


Ok_Goat8830 t1_iy5fyg5 wrote

I'm obviously referring to the several welfare programs, like for the now famous "ninis". Note that I don't think this is necessarily bad, if only it were accompanied by many more measures to help everyone prosper. Giving away more money while you're overspending in dubious projects and the economy is contracting is not a very good idea; unless you just want more votes and approval from the poor majority of population, then it's a great idea!


Miserable-Lizard OP t1_iy1nfor wrote

“Effective suffrage, effective democracy, and no to re-election,” he said in a speech after the march in which he repeated his slogans of favouring the poor and fighting the oligarchy.


autotldr t1_iy1tpqy wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 90%. (I'm a bot)

> AMLO is the popular acronym for Lopez Obrador's name, and 4T refers to the "4th Transformation," which Lopez Obrador says he is carrying out in Mexico.

> Mexico's opposition had called a massive march because they feared Lopez Obrador planned to use his proposed reforms to compromise the electoral institute's independence and make it more beholden to his party.

> Lopez Obrador repeatedly criticized the march and days later said he would call his own march.

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LAsupersonic t1_iy33s7a wrote

Dang, all the banana republic posts