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[deleted] t1_iy3c5dm wrote


Culverin t1_iy3d1h0 wrote

Ukraine has already been hitting targets in Russia. Just not with western kit.

They have also been highly disciplined with the gear provided by the USA. Unless I'm mistaken, they have not lost a single HIMARS unit in the months they have been there or we'd see that all over Russian media.

They have been shown to follow instructions.

Possible provocation is just based on Russian perception which is totally arbitrary anyways.


Gix_Neidhaart t1_iy3lq77 wrote

Thats a lie, i have seen atleast 30+ confirmed destruction of himars from absolutley 101% trustworthy russian sources on twitter


Nightfire50 t1_iy3nbic wrote

in a third floor window?


Markus-752 t1_iy3p3po wrote

Yes, you can clearly see the two shots in the back of the hatch of the HIMARS. They are clearly just to end it's suffering before it hits the ground since it did indeed fall out that 3rd story window.

Oh and apparently it had novichok instead of Oil in its engine which clearly indicates a suicide. Simply tragic.


Alexander_Granite t1_iy5y05c wrote

Russia’s ability to shoot down or capture the longer range missiles is also a concern for the US.


Kastrenzo t1_iy3o256 wrote

Belgorod has already been struck multiple times. Ukrainian gunships flew into Russia and blew the shit out of oil and gas facilities there

And Russia just ate it.