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224109a t1_ixu65ue wrote

They're only making Ukrainians more pissed. No heat inside? Might as well go outside and practice target shooting.


DailyCount t1_ixu2i3q wrote

A global quarantine of Russia is the answer.


FatLegTed t1_ixu78vz wrote

And for those that continue to trade.

Extremely harsh penalties for those companies trading illegally. I'd go as far as size assets and close them down.

There can be no quarter here.


kit19771979 t1_ixvharj wrote

Better start with China and India then. India is refining Russian oil and shipping it to California. Lots of US citizens are driving around today on gas refined from Russian oil via India. India and China are building refineries as the west shuts them down.


grambell789 t1_ixuk2mj wrote

is there some kind of safe gas heater like a kerosene heater that can be widely distributed for heat and cooking? Probably diesel heater with external exhaust is safest.


braveheart707 t1_ixvg3rd wrote

They better start making little bonfires in the oven.