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earthsdemise t1_ixx8znw wrote

It should be noted for the Americans here that in Australia the liberal party are the conservatives. The have shifted too far right and are loosing the elections badly.


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xenoghost1 t1_iy32f4w wrote

it actually spread down there, seeing how in North America the conservatives on both sides the 49th parallel have been under performing for the last two election cycles.

albeit, in Canada they did do well in Ontario and in the US our cons did well in new York.


Shurqeh t1_ixxbbfp wrote


But watch the American Right jump on the liberal bashing page all the same.


UniversalMomentum t1_ixyww88 wrote

Well, in this case the word liberal and conservative are being used wrong, because they are not political labels. The party names are the political labels open to changing definitions, not the terms conservative and liberal.

Using the word liberal to try to mean traditionalist is nothing by a disinformation attempt or sheer ignorance. Those words have real meanings beyond politics and that's why they are useful, they span time while the labels flip flop.

It's like trying to redefine the word Hydrogen to mean Uranium and then saying well that's my choice. NO ITS FUCKING NOT! The words have specific meanings in this case and can't really be used like that.

That's why we have party labels like Republican and Democratic or Tory and Labor. Those terms can change over time, the terms liberal and conservative cannot. You can just look like an idiot who doesn't understand those are not labels, but DEFINITIONS of behavior.

It's like you can't change the meaning of the word angry to mean happy and expect that to be realistic position to hold.


GnomeChomski t1_iy1a0g9 wrote

100 yrs ago the democrats were the racist assholes in this country. Now they're called republitards.


xenoghost1 t1_iy32kbt wrote

well one thing I'll agree with my rivals and enemies, hating on the Liberal-National coalition of Australia.


Evignity t1_iy1i1b4 wrote

Good. Australian politics is fucking bonkers. The fact they ban porn where women have small tits is so insane to me. Old men projecting their shit on things, whilst shaming women for a complex tons of them have when they shouldn't.


MarenThree t1_ixxk643 wrote

Thank you for that explanation cuz when I read the headline, I winced!


LeastDescription4 t1_ixy2kef wrote

Probably doesn't help that the Liberal party would seem left wing in comparison to the USA's right wing party.


SammyScuffles t1_ixy47pa wrote

They've been flirting with some American style culture wars stuff in recent times. This result and the recent federal election represents a very stern rejection of that kind of politics from the Australian electorate.


UniversalMomentum t1_ixyw8po wrote

Liberal and conservative are supposed to mean is liberal means new ideas and conservative means traditional. That's the SINGLE binding point of meaning that makes those terms matter. That's why you have labels like Democratic and Republicans, so the labels can switch but the core ideological terms don't. You can't be a conservative liberal, you're just using the words wrong at that point because you can't be pro-tradition and pro-progress.

Like Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, but he was a liberal and Andred Jackson was a Democratic, but back when Dems were the conservatives. WHY would you switch the core words around too, that's just EVIL!

You may as well start saying North is South and South is North! The reason those terms are useful is because they are no ideological terms, they are true definitions of the ACTIONS of the party and in almost all cases it's traditionalists vs people who want change.

Soo I guess it's time to give up those terms and make new ones.

Conservative = Traditionalist (very verbose so hard to mutate)

Liberal = Progressive (again fairly verbose and hard to steal the label if you're a traditionalist/conservative/person who wants minimal change)

Those are the new terms now because Australia and other are trying to ruin the actual words at their core meaning!


Poging_pierogi_part2 t1_ixyx1bf wrote

Liberal outside the US means pro-free market on pro less economic intervention. Usually centre right but social liberalism is centrist. Similar if not identical to "fiscal conservative" or "LiBeRtArIaN". Both MODERATE factions of GOP and the Democrats (Blue Dogs, New Dems and DNC) are liberals in this definition.


Pregnenolone t1_ixyybmb wrote

Mate Liberal is being used correctly


WikiSummarizerBot t1_ixyyd3e wrote

Classical liberalism

>Classical liberalism is a political tradition and a branch of liberalism that advocates free market and laissez-faire economics; civil liberties under the rule of law with especial emphasis on individual autonomy, limited government, economic freedom, political freedom and freedom of speech. It gained full flowering in the early 18th century, building on ideas stemming at least as far back as the 13th century within the Iberian, Anglo-Saxon, and central European contexts and was foundational to the American Revolution and "American Project" more broadly.

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larion78 t1_iy05fon wrote

Trying to ruin the words meaning?

The Liberal Party here in Australia has been around since 1944, so it's not anything new here.


TheDWGM t1_iy16flv wrote

>liberal means new ideas

This is literally only true in America. Liberal everywhere else refers to... liberalism. The semantic meaning of words is contextual to time and space, your entire commentary is premised on a terrible and outdated take on philosophy of language.