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NightsHeron t1_ixtzxjj wrote

This is only a problem if you consider the current world order to be around in a couple of decades.


topperx t1_ixu27bl wrote

How do you see that? Either way these areas have a massive age funnel problem independent of who's running the clown car.


Ediwir t1_ixu3lwy wrote

carbon dioxide has entered the conversation


NightsHeron t1_ixu5w3h wrote

Don't get me wrong, I am totally with you. I have been pondering how a country can take such strategically bad decision. Personally I see only two reason:

A. Their decision makers have been neglecting their Sun Tzu and Machiavelli B. It's a "it's me against the world. Either now or never" scenario from their perspective (for whatever reason)


Darth_Annoying t1_ixu9t8a wrote

C. The de ision makers have started believing their own self promoting proaganda, D. All of the above