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EyeLikeTheStonk t1_ixtued8 wrote

If any other country posted those economic numbers, the entire country would be in a huge panic.


topperx t1_ixtus06 wrote

This to me is still relatively short term. I would be even more worried about tossing your working age men into a meat grinder of death and disability and having them flee in large numbers across borders. What's left is the old and disabled. Imagine running that county in the future. I have no idea how to fix that other than import humans.


TheThirdOutlier t1_ixtv0ta wrote

I guess that’s where the ‘adoptions’ of vast numbers of Ukrainian children come in 😥


Accurate_Pie_ t1_ixw7hzr wrote

I cry with you

But I don’t believe those children are to be adopted. I don’t believe Russians adopt much

The children are hostages… for now… who knows what gruesome future the ruzzians plan for them



KamahlYrgybly t1_ixtwwm0 wrote

Another thing to worry about is losing your biggest trade partners for at least a few decades. So even if you magically created a new workforce and magically acquired the needed materials to produce goods, you have limited customers buying the goods, and less competition among buyers means lower prices.

It really is a fantastic shitshow to behold.


kponomarenko t1_ixvo74e wrote

They still can sell oil and gas even during the war. So they definitely would be able to sell them after. You don't need to many people to pump them and that's major part of ruZZian economy.


Strong_as_an_axe t1_ixwj0l9 wrote

Yes but they've sped up the movement away from fossil fuels whilst failing to build infrastructure for new industry. They should have some of the best infrastructure in the world based on commodities revenues but a huge portion of it has been stolen and then sat on rather than reinvested in Russia.

They were set for relative contraction against other major economies before all of this anyway due to long term trends away from oil and gas, awful demographics and a lack of competitiveness in other industries. Putin has just made it all a lot worse. It's insane, full of commodities and bridging Asia and Europe. Even one halfway decent leader and Russia would be a superpower.


Skaindire t1_ixu3c13 wrote

It doesn't have to be a lot of them. Even just a small percentage will break things. We'll see it in a year at most as the pensions will be frozen while everything else goes up.

East European countries had this problem for years after joining the EU because they kept bleeding people to the wealthier ones.


Jeneral-Jen t1_ixvi06t wrote

That might be why they have been sending disproportionately high numbers of soldiers from remote regions and ethnic minorities. Putin knows that sending a bunch of city kids is more likely to result in an uproar. Just another shade of asshole to color Putin's character.


Accurate_Pie_ t1_ixw7aox wrote


100 thousand men is just 0.1% of population.


topperx t1_ixw86fi wrote

300k mobilized now. Still also a somewhat relevant part of the population since they don't mobilize old people or children, total population isn't the relevant bit unless the plan is to do child labor.


Accurate_Pie_ t1_ixw9311 wrote

Yes, it’s important but that’s not what it’s going to topple them

Strengthening sanctions and following through is the key!


NightsHeron t1_ixtzxjj wrote

This is only a problem if you consider the current world order to be around in a couple of decades.


topperx t1_ixu27bl wrote

How do you see that? Either way these areas have a massive age funnel problem independent of who's running the clown car.


Ediwir t1_ixu3lwy wrote

carbon dioxide has entered the conversation


NightsHeron t1_ixu5w3h wrote

Don't get me wrong, I am totally with you. I have been pondering how a country can take such strategically bad decision. Personally I see only two reason:

A. Their decision makers have been neglecting their Sun Tzu and Machiavelli B. It's a "it's me against the world. Either now or never" scenario from their perspective (for whatever reason)


Darth_Annoying t1_ixu9t8a wrote

C. The de ision makers have started believing their own self promoting proaganda, D. All of the above


VS_Reva t1_ixu52rc wrote

10% of russian economy reduction is HUGE, but not as bad as Ukrainians (heard ~30% number somewhere), which is literally physically destroyed day by day.

Hope the 5th December embargo and the price cap will hit really hard.


Ippzz t1_ixudkhf wrote

Ukraine will definitely need a Marshall Plan to restart its economy after the war is done. Sadly, I don't think the end is near yet.


90smagic t1_ixyf7j7 wrote

Ukraine is receiving and will continue to receive support from the US and the EU. It will be rebuild, better.


Street-Badger t1_ixua71x wrote

An iron curtain is stretching across this story .. it’s paywalled.


Flatus_Diabolic t1_ixw7zgq wrote

If you're on iOS, tap the symbol that looks like two letter As in the URL bar for Safari and pick "show reader" from the menu.

On Android, you need to enable "simplified view" in the accessibility settings for your phone. After that, it's available through Chrome when you load a page.

Desktop browsers have reader modes too. Or I assume they all do. Edge and Firefox definitely both do, and they're the only browsers I use.


Snamuhfotseizal t1_ixyqnku wrote

Thank you for your post. I've just spent a few minutes experimenting on some websites that often have a few articles behind paywalls and after doing a bit of googling about "reader mode" for my Firefox browser I found out that it is just a simple mouse-click in the address bar and all those paywalls (along with the cluttered ads and graphics) disappear. Much appreciated!


Flatus_Diabolic t1_iy17s71 wrote

high-five, fellow Firefox buddy!

Yeah, for other people reading this message who haven't found it already, if reader view is available for the page you're on, then you can enable it by clicking the the thing that looks like a book in the right hand side of the URL bar.


240kvert t1_ixy1xtm wrote

I always have the Google translate webpage opened in the browser, any sites like this you just get it to translate them - English to English, and it opens up.


tomcatkb t1_ixugxql wrote

Damn, the Iron Paywall again


240kvert t1_ixy1zuo wrote

Use Google translate webpage to "translate" it for you


izzgo t1_ixwbpa7 wrote

Here is a gifted link that should bypass the paywall. I hope.


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NotAnotherEmpire t1_ixuiar1 wrote

And Russian figures being Russian figures, all of this is understatement.


sufferingbastard t1_ixuw5i1 wrote

Decapitate Putin. Move climate refugees to Russia.

Two birds with one Himars.


JoffreySkywalker t1_ixv7jkn wrote

I think one of the more interesting things I've read is that the sanctions on importing things to Russia have been more effective than not buying exports. This article specifically mentioned not importing technology into the economy.


NestroyAM t1_ixvlc44 wrote

Paywalled, but if they are in trouble, the ruble seems largely unaffected still.


whyreadthis2035 t1_ixue5vs wrote

Articles like this confuse me. War takes a toll on economies. For Russia, it’s literally the cost of doing business. For Russia, this was a choice. For Ukraine this is an invasion and survival is the focus. The people will do what they must to survive and when the war ends, they will rebuild (we hope). And then there is the truckloads of money being mad arming the combatants. Not new. Gotta be done…. But, wow.


Typical-Historian-89 t1_ixunuyf wrote

Yes, the but the point of this article is that sanctions a finally taking a toll on Russia’s economy. Which will both hinder Russia’s ability to wage war and sow domestic descent. War always takes a toll but sanctions are making the toll greater than it would be otherwise.