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WorldsBestPapa t1_iwvuior wrote

Yes am- but your claim was that they are being flooded because polluters won’t lower their output. I’m only pointing out that if output went to 0 today then enough damage has been done already and these islands are already lost.


jreed12 t1_iwwc7bv wrote

You are being overly pedantic, as Redditor's do so love to do, and missing the broader point. So go back and say because emissions weren't lowered 20 years ago when we knew this was a problem, or emissions weren't lowered 40 years ago when experts in the Energy industry and research scientists knew this was a problem.

Being technically correct doesn't always make you right.


WorldsBestPapa t1_iwwjcyg wrote

I am both technically and factually correct and it is, unfortunately, you who has missed the broader point by mentioning an irrelevant one.

Yes if we had a Time Machine and political will we could have fixed it 40 years ago. We don’t.

I simply and clearly stated completely eliminating emissions would do nothing for Tuvalu now, it’s too late.


jreed12 t1_iwwksbc wrote

Yes yes you win the debate great pedant lord.


bpetersonlaw t1_iwvpocg wrote

Yes. Polluters needed to lower CO2 output decades ago. Islands will flood unless the govts find some incredible solution to lowering temps. E.g. simulating volcano eruptions worldwide to block 10% of sunlight. Which would then lead to reduced crop production and starvation. It's a fucking grim future for our children.


Cadaver_Junkie t1_iwx7l8f wrote

Oh you’re right! Why bother doing anything?

I mean, we polluted massively for ages when being told it would cause intense problems whilst denying climate change, and now we’ll accept climate change is a thing when we can just say “changing won’t wake a difference”.

I guess the step after that is to somehow blame those who tried to warn us, say they weren’t doing enough and it’s their fault we have this problem? Whilst continuing to pollute?

And after that we can move to cheaper and more profitable renewables anyway with the money made from wrecking the planet and claim we were part of the solution all along?

I like your plan. I mean, it’s 100% asshole, but well done.


WorldsBestPapa t1_iwx7qkk wrote

I did not state any plan for the future. I only commented that it was too late to help Tuvalu. Work on your reading comprehension dumbass .


Cadaver_Junkie t1_iwx8a78 wrote

My point is, your comment was completely useless.

It implies we shouldn’t bother, the damage was already done. Well done on comprehending your own comments there, and being part of the problem.


WorldsBestPapa t1_iwx8dui wrote

My comment does not imply anything. It directly states that Tuvalu is gone no matter what. Any implication you are deriving is a result of poor inference and reading comprehension skills on your part.


Cadaver_Junkie t1_iwx8mkd wrote

There's a greater context to this conversation, but if you prefer to have a shallow conversation I guess that's up to you


WorldsBestPapa t1_iwx97fm wrote

And i understand that and have had many before and would’ve had one now except for the tiny little thing where you immediately popped off and insulted me with assumptions for a point I was never arguing.

Obviously emissions need to be cut, yesterday, but you didn’t try to discuss that and instead chose to aggressively comment with false assumptions. Something to think about for the next time.



Cadaver_Junkie t1_iwx9edv wrote

I'm just sick of all the apathy, which your comment really read as. Glad that's not how you feel about it.