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Taxington t1_iwvybby wrote

>Also when they go completely under they should lose country status and become a company.

There is precedent for a county continuing without territory. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is still around.

Also unlikely they lose every inch of land. Even if they have to go the Sealand route. The martine claims have value.


cchiu23 t1_iwwb891 wrote

Doesn't work that way


Taxington t1_iwx2s5z wrote

The sovereign order of the knights of malta is a real thing that exists.

They have diplomatic relations issue passports ect ect.


cchiu23 t1_iwx4rzc wrote

Sure, but they own zero territory


Taxington t1_iwylege wrote

Yes that's the point.


cchiu23 t1_iwylhcc wrote

The OP was talking about tuvalu still having maritime territory without land

The knights of malta don't control the coasts of malta


Taxington t1_iwypp1c wrote

They only need to keep a token population in place to keep the maritime claim alive. A thing the knights could not do.

So long as someone lives there permanently it counts as an island. They don't need their 11k people in place.


cchiu23 t1_iwyr84j wrote

Not if its completely submerged