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Alchladaltrbys t1_iwz8ygi wrote

Grades 7-9


77skull t1_iwzh1fu wrote

How many years do you guys do in high school then?


Alchladaltrbys t1_iwzh644 wrote

In Canada at least, elementary school is 1-6 Jr high/middle school is 7-9 and high school is 10-12


77skull t1_iwzm25q wrote

In uk it’s infant school nursery-year 2 (age 4-7), primary school year 3-6, and high school year 7-11. A lot of place combine infant school and primary school into one though


Alchladaltrbys t1_iwznn7z wrote

That’s actually neat! I have heard UKs referring to high school as college in TV shows. What’s that about?


77skull t1_iwzsi6k wrote

In the uk high school ends at 16, but in the us it’s 18 right? 17-18 is when we go to college usually


fhota1 t1_iwzpv0i wrote

This is actually a very complicated question in the states and varies a lot just depending on where you are. Personally I did Kindergarten-6th in elementary, 7-8 in middle, and 9-12 in high school. The main differences are some places put 6 or 9 in middle school and then some places split 9-10 and 11-12 into 2 separate schools. Theres also other variations as you go, we still have places where there is just 1 school you go to from K-12