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dowhatmelo t1_ixohu36 wrote

People can deal with the consequences of their own actions, i didnt make them go out and get pregnant. Just because a homeless dude has no money doesn't mean it's ok to kill them. Frankly though i'm fine with halving the military budget and using that budget instead for better social services for children. Bodily rights is just made up bullshit.


AlexandersWonder t1_ixoiw10 wrote

Is getting raped a “consequence of one’s own actions” to you?

If body rights are just made up bullshit then surely you wouldn’t care about the government making medical decisions about treatment on your behalf? You’re not a hypocrite, right? You don’t care about the right to make your own decisions about your health and medical care?


Bodydysmorphiaisreal t1_ixpk1h1 wrote

Wow, you actually don’t give a single fuck about these children nor women who get pregnant. People have sex for pleasure, sometimes, even when being responsible, accidental pregnancy happens, this will never stop being the case and it’s outright malicious to treat children as punishment for women that are put in an unfortunate, heartbreaking situation. We already don’t have the capacity to care for Americas children in the system and you want to stress it more? You want more human beings to suffer because it’s important they be born? Halving the military budget will not cover the cost needed to care for every child you would ask be in the system and, even if it did, they’ll never (virtually never) know the love of a family that wanted a child. Be pragmatic, have some empathy, and be realistic about this situation. We cannot do this currently, it’s just not in the cards and I doubt it ever will be. If you’re so passionate about life, give back, foster children, donate time to help those who need it (we always need more people helping out). Fuck, my partner and I have elected to not have biological children so we can foster and possibly someday adopt. THERES CHILDREN/YOUNG ADULTS WHO NEED HELP NOW!!!

I’m sure you’d feel much different the second you’re asked to forfeit your bodily autonomy. Compelling birth is gonna fuck a lot of women and children over.


dowhatmelo t1_ixqg5vv wrote

Murder trumps all that bullshit you just spewed.


Bodydysmorphiaisreal t1_ixqogag wrote

I mean, if you’re not going to consider the entirety of the situation, not let new information effect your conclusions, and grandstand from a place of believed moral superiority all the while being dismissive of the suffering of very real, already existing, and unique whole persons… then sure, I guess you could say that. I would rather we take a pragmatic look at how we best improve the livelihoods of society as a whole and prevent overall pain and suffering as much as possible….. but, again, MuRder or whatever.


dowhatmelo t1_ixtw3r3 wrote

I’m not dismissing it, I’m saying it doesn’t justify murder.


Stranger0nTheWeb t1_ixojtnq wrote

>People can deal with the consequences of their own actions, i didnt make them go out and get pregnant.

So a smoker shouldn't be allowed to get treatment for lung cancer? A drunk driver shouldn't get medical treatment when they crash? Those are consequences of ther actions. Oh wait no those things can also happen to men...


dowhatmelo t1_ixonsys wrote

Not if the "treatment" is murdering someone else.

This is not a men vs women thing, this is about the rights of the unborn child.


Stranger0nTheWeb t1_ixout14 wrote

The unborn child does not have the right to use the mother's organs to sustain itself if she does not want it to. And pregnancy is dangerous for women. It's the mother's choice whether it stays inside her or not.

And why not consider male masturbation/ ejaculating into a condom mass murder? Why is a sperm only considered an "unborn child" the moment it touches an egg and its the woman's problem?


dowhatmelo t1_ixpffxn wrote

Sure it does.

Because sperm on its own is not viable.


14DusBriver t1_ixokkmw wrote

> People can deal with the consequences of their own actions, i didnt make them go out and get pregnant

They can have sex all they want, they must simply accept that the life of the unborn is more important than the orgasm.

> Just because a homeless dude has no money doesn't mean it's ok to kill them.

This same point applies to those with deformities and disabilities. Abortion should never be used as a method of cleansing the gene pool - that is called eugenics. We do not go out and stone people with Down syndrome. Unless the medical condition is on the level where it is incompatible with living, we should not strip agency from people who have done nothing wrong on their own

“Bodily rights” has become a sham word to cover up what is essentially infanticide excused by rampant hedonism


dowhatmelo t1_ixonifs wrote

Yeah i've had that eugenics discussion with people before. It's crazy what people find acceptable after dehumanising the victim.