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Stranger0nTheWeb t1_ixojfhm wrote

When it's inside a woman's body it's her choice what to do with it. Stop pretending you care about other people's babies/ fetuses and mind your own buisness


WanderingPickles t1_ixoluba wrote

Stop pretending you know what I do or do not care about.

This is where we differ; my position is that it is a human being no matter where it is located. Yours is in opposition to that. It is an intractable disagreement.

Where we do agree, I think and hope, is that human life is important.


Stranger0nTheWeb t1_ixonh8s wrote

I never said it wasn't a human, I said so long as it's a part of the mother's body it's her choice of what to do with it. Getting an abortion is alwayse an emergency "something-has-gone-wrong" occasuon wether it be an accidental pregnancy or the wanted fetus is not viable and may be putting the mother in danger. Anti abortion laws hinder life saving procedures.

If you care about life then surely you care that Anti abortion laws kill women


Fellowship_9 t1_ixpk8u4 wrote

Hypothetically if a stranger was dying and the only way to save them was for them to be grafted onto your body for 9 months, should the government be able to force you to undergo the procedure to save them?