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autotldr t1_iy9sclf wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 63%. (I'm a bot)

> Nov. 29 - Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the United States will provide $53 million to help Ukraine acquire equipment to repair and upgrade its energy grid from the sidelines of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday.

> "In the midst of Russia's continued brutal attacks against Ukraine's energy infrastructure, Secretary of State Blinken announced today during a meeting of the G7+ on the margins of the NATO Ministerial in Bucharest that the United States government is providing over $53 million to support acquisition of critical electricity grid equipment," read a press release from the State Department on Tuesday.

> The announcement came as NATO leaders gathered a show of solidarity for Ukraine against the ongoing Russian invasion, other nations pledged to help repair the country's infrastructure and provide additional military aid.

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12gawkuser t1_iybg4um wrote

Hey US, my grid is weak . Does NATO stand for Not All there originally. Are We’ just making it up as we go along?


TheYokedYeti t1_iybj2ve wrote

This is a good use of money. Dictators don’t just stop invading. Want WW3? Let Putin keep pushing the limit


12gawkuser t1_iydvxnv wrote

You pro-war kids just kill me. Most children in this world meets it's first American in camo strapped with weapons. Dictators keep invading hey?


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Sighma t1_iy9xumv wrote

I noticed a lot of really lazy Kremlin trolls recently. How this comment even worth 15 rubles? Maximum 4 or 5.


Sir_Applecheese t1_iya9v6y wrote

He's probably salaried. Gets locked in a room to post and gets beaten if he doesn't reach the quota.


HisNameWas_HARAMBE t1_iyaj9ar wrote

Bro can you guys just send me another stimmy.. not much just like 10 bucks for gas or something out of that or the billions we've sent


TROPtastic t1_iyc9qae wrote

Most of the billions "sent" is in the form of already paid equipment. But by all means, if you think you could use an armoured recovery vehicle on your commute, feel free to write your representative for a cut of the good stuff.