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mpu599 t1_ixrwauz wrote

How much you getting paid to write this?


a-flayer t1_ixs9iog wrote

Focus on China as the enemy. Replace the cameras, certainly don't question why they are there to begin with.


Kaekru t1_ixtrz6d wrote

Go on genius, tell us why there are cameras on government buildings, must be something so enlightening that only the chosen few by god like you could possibly know.


a-flayer t1_ixtvtmu wrote

For surveillance...


Kaekru t1_ixtwm1r wrote

Man that just flew right over your head didn’t it


a-flayer t1_ixtws4m wrote

It did not, I am mocking you.


Kaekru t1_ixtwtq8 wrote

Sure little buddy, you’re mocking people, we can all see