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dyslExogenetic t1_iycuey8 wrote

Spoiler alert: it’s the viruses that are expected to be coming back from the dead, not making zombies of us. That’s what sleep deprived me gets for clicking mildly vague article headlines.


okcomputer1011 t1_iycupdz wrote

Ok, good, I already thought this would be the interlude for 2023s major international crisis. It's hard to top 2020, 2021 and 2022.


momalloyd t1_iycs4px wrote

The article definitely scores a bunch of bonus points for that permafrost picture that looks like a shot out of the movie, The Thing.


Rocksolidbubbles t1_iyctia6 wrote

Why do ndtv headlines always include points? Is there a technical reason for it?


rJarrr t1_iycttn1 wrote

5 Points on Why NDTV Does It:

  1. Humans just like lists for some reason, that is why top 5 [insert thing here] videos are so popular on youtube


AndroChromie t1_iye4ons wrote

Perfect timing since 2023 is about to start.

My bingo cards are lined up and ancient viruses coming back with a vengeance is on the top 20. I wonder if we can dig up some frozen cavemen to obtain antibodies and mix it with the common flu? We could have a reverse Covid, where we need to infect each other with antibodies. Sneeze party!

In case you're wondering what's on Top 1 it is... A nuclear detonation (real or test show off in 2023). Not hoping for it but the bingo cards usually don't lie. Top 2 is Yellowstone starting to rumble.

Happy New Year! Aliens are only on for 2024.


Bardaek t1_iyegdns wrote

Pfft. The Vulcans are already in the Terran system. They await Elon Musk secretly activating his warp drive on his starship prototype. Totally late 2023 event


Saint_fartina t1_iyf4ig4 wrote

Not a very encouraging article. Sigh.


jonnyb8717 t1_iycvbzx wrote

Jackpot thread initiated


JesiAsh t1_iydtrfn wrote

Anyone calling it a zombie virus should get downvoted to hell.