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OdysseyPrime9789 t1_iy4m614 wrote

Probably another Russian false flag operation.


terminalzero t1_iy4qrpg wrote

or good ol' friendly fire, or it was completely fabricated either as an excuse for escalation or an excuse for some other disaster

pretty much the one thing it almost certainly wasn't was an opposing nation sending an attack jet


Radditbean1 t1_iy5q6im wrote

Wagner gets given $30 mill for military supplies, claims they got lost in a mysterious bombing, supplies get sold off to someone else.


4thDevilsAdvocate t1_iy4qd12 wrote

I don't think so. The Russian military has enough on its plate right now.


EverythingKindaSuckz t1_iy4t8iu wrote

Hey Vlad, the boss is asking about those supplies and munitions we sold a few years back, he wants to do an inspection of them. We are fucked bro!

Nah Boris, I have idea....


ItchyK t1_iy4w06u wrote

Which is why they want to make it look like their enemies are the ones who did it, so they can justify what they are about to do or cover something up.