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trekie88 t1_iye7gsc wrote

That requires months of training. Giving Ukraine Russian designed systems allows them to be fielded immediately.


miamigrandprix t1_iyeco1s wrote

Considering the war may last for years that training should be (and to some extent is) underway


Good_old_Marshmallow t1_iyek1jk wrote

Training Ukrainian units is a burden on the Ukrainians. Producing Soviet era weaponry would be a burden on NATO, who is not at war and therefore can more easily take on such a burden. Is probably the thinking


Reasonable_Ticket_84 t1_iyeme4s wrote

>Training Ukrainian units is a burden on the Ukrainians.

Good thing Ukrainian units are being trained overseas by the tens of thousands with even the Czech Republic today approving opening of training within their country.

The Czech training in particular is interesting because it's for mechanized units.


TROPtastic t1_iyexqq0 wrote

Better to start now then. The UK just finished a 6 week training course for unarmed NATO helicopters, so it's clearly possible to supply advanced vehicles (more complicated than artillery) if the political will is there.


SideburnSundays t1_iyexncq wrote

Not to mention the logistics nightmare of switching from Russian ammunition to NATO ammunition.


seinera t1_iyeyref wrote

Upgrading Ukraine with NATO weapons work better on the long term and I have the distinct feeling Ukraine would prefer that too.