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fIreballchamp t1_iyben8a wrote

So a few nights in an over water bungalow


d00ns t1_iyc51bg wrote

India gives $100M in Bribes to Maldives



espero t1_iyc0lnl wrote

I don't get it. The poverrty rate and the infrastructure problems in India are enormous. Why are they giving away fortunes?


angelowner t1_iyc18cn wrote

"strategically located archipelagic state in the Indian Ocean. "

The current government is very pro India, so much so that they are openly anti China at times. They literally have "India first" policy.

If $100M keeps the current government in power for longer time, should be worth it.


stalinsilver t1_iycbb0d wrote

They don't want Maldives to become Chinese base or become next Afghanistan.


screwracism147 t1_iyc8m17 wrote

Tbf Maldives has a much lower population so $100,000,000 would help a lot more there than in India