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VS_Reva t1_ixuki68 wrote

Do russians really believe that the terroristic assaults on civilian infrastructure will help? It has nearly zero military meaning. I would say the effect will probably be the opposite of what they want. It only increases the anger and number of volunteers willing to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


nomoreLSD t1_ixup6om wrote

That's the thing about terrorism - it's usually just designed to destabilize more than it is to achieve a "goal."


spinky342 t1_ixw2eoh wrote

Only thing is that it'll be rough as hell without power in January. But Ukrainians are tough as shit so I'd imagine you're correct.


type_E t1_ixw83qh wrote

Recently i had a discussion with my dad and he thinks Ukraine is in a SEVERE bind over food and power but he probably has too little faith in Ukrainians as if this shit is insurmountable


Jericola t1_ixxbhfz wrote

Ukraines infrastructure is being decimated. It has a huge impact. How big? Hard to say but getting worse.

However, read German news sites. One of the goals is to force millions more refugees and prevent the 10 million refugees from returning. This is creation dissension in Germany. Putin knows that German opinion is mixed and adding another 5 million refugees to the current one million in Germany is a nightmare scenario.

If countries like the USA and Canada stepped up and each offered to take a million refugees it would likely soften the feeling in Germany that they are carrying the weight while we in North America have no impact on our daily lives.


CometAzur42069 t1_ixwj5i5 wrote

Mmm i think it could help if it continues like this for months.


[deleted] t1_ixvqnty wrote



VS_Reva t1_ixvrbdn wrote

Russia could withdraw a long time ago. Russia could just not invade the sovereign country to colonize it in the first place. So many useless deaths.

And targeting the civilian infrastructure is a war crime. And considered genocide.


Justaniceman t1_ixvuik1 wrote

And I could be the queen of England, but how is that relevant? You asked if they believe it will help, and the answer is yes and it does help them.


VS_Reva t1_ixvwp3l wrote

You said it was very stupid for russians to wait so long before committing war crimes that are considered genocide. It's very clinical and ignorant to say that. It's admitting that the war is going not against "the regime", but against the nation - that is never a good idea and never helped in the history of similar conflicts.


Justaniceman t1_ixvybrq wrote

Just being pragmatic, that's how it's usually done, what russians are trying to pull is beyond me, but in the end it's worse.


Zenothos t1_ixv8o28 wrote

If ppl live without electricity for months in winter, they will try to force surrender play


VS_Reva t1_ixvgidz wrote

No. The most active part of society is young men and women. And they're much more likely to join the Armed Forces than surrender (and later be raped, tortured, and killed by russian terrorists).


m0uthsmasher t1_ixu389l wrote

That is the intention of Russian to force Ukrain back on table. Russian lost transitional military encounter, and they cannot see themselves will win this war in future. This is war in another dimension unfortunately it is always the people that is suffering.

God bless Ukrainian.


Undeadhorrer t1_ixvorz8 wrote

Has anyone been s ending standalone heaters like kerosene powered ones?


autotldr t1_ixu3cmy wrote

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