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Rickard403 t1_iy8g7wu wrote

Crazy, i guess. I wonder how these monks got into being a monk in the first place. An ex homeless drug addict looking to reinvent himself then relapsing? Either way Meth is extremely bad for spiritual growth.


SpaceMonkee8O t1_iy8jiva wrote

In Thailand young men are expected to be ordained as monks for a period of time. It’s a normal rite of passage. Meth is similar to study drugs like Adderall and it sounds like they probably took it orally.


Rickard403 t1_iy8rxwh wrote

Oh that adds some insight thanks. Low dose meth is very similar to Adderall, yes. If they had lots of studying to do then the meth makes sense.


Automatic_Ad4679 t1_iy8jyy3 wrote

Are you saying this was a party monastery?


SpaceMonkee8O t1_iy8mghs wrote

Lol I know Thai monks have used betel nut (a stimulant) for hundreds of years, probably because it enhances concentration.


AccomplishedBrain309 t1_iyaq0en wrote

Young thai men are encouraged to stay in school and get good jobs to help support their parents. In poor villages there ar no jobs. Gmo rice has collapsed the subsisdence farming culture across asia.


hamonabone t1_iybfzso wrote

I have known of a couple monks who tricked a relatively developmentally slow ten year old into stealing a bicycle so they could buy meth pills.


SpaceMonkee8O t1_iybleow wrote

Lol that’s messed up. I’m starting to imagine these monasteries as just a weird type of frat house.


[deleted] t1_iy8ik5j wrote

Maybe you just haven’t tried the right meth yet.


TSL4me t1_iyb48k0 wrote

Its good for fasting though.


therealhood t1_iy8i2b8 wrote

But we can pray all day and night... really fast too


Malthus1 t1_iy9jsay wrote

You could say he was a … Felonious Monk?


zombie_katzu t1_iy8geyv wrote

I would think meth would make a poor drug to meditate on


BobMcCully t1_iy8rnmy wrote

>Bad abbot

Best news title


nariusone t1_iy9chhk wrote

I guess taking drugs is how these monks elevate their "spirits" and to be one with the universe.