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killerbeeman t1_ixyqu0g wrote

Yes, not surrendering is extremely heroic.


Subject-Cheetah802 t1_ixzt6ix wrote

What they said also cemented their heroism forever. Those boys will be gettin blowies till they die for that move! And boy do they deserve em! When they told the warship to f itself I was no longer worried about Ukraine in the long run because their people have souls made from fire with bravery unending. Absolute giga chads! Baddest mfrs around right there.


warrkrack t1_ixysnux wrote

but they surrendred without a fight? i dont get it.


killerbeeman t1_ixyucgb wrote

I thought they were launching missiles knowing the were out numbered and could lead to their death. Don’t know much about the specifics of their capture.


warrkrack t1_ixyvi76 wrote

I mean... if they put up a fight I would think there would be at least 1 casualty... or if they didn't surrender I would expect there to be less than 100% captured?


BasvanS t1_ixztsz5 wrote

Why do you insist on a need for casualties?


warrkrack t1_iy1zsbf wrote

i dont need casualites. and im not saying they did anything wrong by surrendring. i just dont understand how they are heroes for not surredring... and at the same time they did surrender without a fight.


BasvanS t1_iy29mz6 wrote

They made a stand against an overwhelming force and gave hope to a nation under siege. Why do you assume there was no fight?


warrkrack t1_iy2bxh4 wrote

because there was no fight. they were all captured trying to flee the island


BasvanS t1_iy2dptw wrote

They didn’t do enough pew-pew and bleeding for your taste?


warrkrack t1_iy2fdib wrote

it's not a matter of taste. or what I want. like I said a few times. I don't think they did anything wrong by surrendering. it just makes 0 sence that they are heros for not surrendering... wile surrendering.


BasvanS t1_iy2umi8 wrote

Sure. Heroes are people who kill or die, but not who defy their enemy.

You have a fucked up concept of heroism


warrkrack t1_iy33omi wrote

no... i didnt say heros are people who kill or die. i said heroes known for not surrendering... wile surrendering makes 0 sense.


BasvanS t1_iy3ig8i wrote

Would you say you like people who weren’t captured?


warrkrack t1_iy45pqj wrote

like I said. I dont think they did anything wrong. I support ukraine. it just dosnt make any sense.