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warrkrack t1_ixzb1ia wrote

I'm not saying they did anything wrong by surrendering. I just don't get how they can be both heroes for not surrendering... and also surrendering without a fight.


Ithalan t1_ixzx28p wrote

they had no way of knowing if the the Russians would even accept a surrender after they gave the response they did. They might not have fought to their death, but putting their own survival in question at all simply to make a symbolic gesture that the rest of their country could rally around is still a huge deal.


passatigi t1_ixzc2uf wrote

My guess is that it's because they didn't surrender right away even though it could lead to their immediate deaths. And it was good PR which is important. Basically what I explained in details in the comment above.

One desn't necessarily has to die to become a hero.

But I see your point.


warrkrack t1_ixzc9lt wrote

yeah I know you don't need to die to be a hero. but I figure people who are heroes for not surrendering would also... not surrender. or at least put up some fight. they said fuck off... then surrendered. without fighting.